Welcome all. i'm just starting out with this blog so it may take a while before it gets some momentum going. However, the intention over time is to write and document my thoughts and experiences of living as a submissive pet/slut with my wonderful Owner.

The blog will attempt to chart my thoughts and experiences and to document my life. Owner and i have been living together now for a couple of years and in that period have tried to develop our own version of a Female-led relationship. i was collared by my Owner just over a year ago. As you can see from the image in my profile i am also a cross-dresser, i love top wear pretty outfits and Owner encourages me to do so, infact, Owner buys all of my clothes - or at least has the final say in what clothes i am allowed to buy for myself.

Another thing about me is that Owner likes to keep me (and i confess i enjoy it myself) in regular chastity. i wear a CB3000 most of the time with occasional periods of release when allowed such by Owner. i am one of, i suspect a growing band of men, who rather surprisingly discovered that their 'sex-life' improved dramatically courtesy of being placed into chastity. i've not had 'regular' sex for over two years but do have an extremely enjoyable sex life with Owner - one that is focussed on Her pleasure and satisfaction. That said, i am extremely lucky in that Owner is a great fan of Her strap-on, as i am too. In my experience there is nothing that makes me hornier or more aroused than being 'fucked' by my Owner.

i'm also a pain slut and am especially fond of nipple torture in all its wonderful forms, together with CBT. Owner is also a fan of and believer in domestic discipline as well as forced feminisation and public humiliation....more on that subject in future posts. Owner also loves tickling her pet, something i'm not that keen on!

Some others things about me, and which i am sure to blog about in future. i love wildlife and have a wildlife garden i am creating. i also love cooking - something that i've developed a great interest in since meeting Owner. In fact, my ambition in life would be to become a housewife but sadly that option is not economically feasible at this moment in time. However, i would love to just keep house for my Owner and be at home for Her at all times...maybe one day!

Oh, and i love to cycle and have a keen interest in history, politics and current affairs. You could say i try to be an ethical slut.

Anyway, that really is me in a nutshell. i will try to keep this blog going but before signing off would just like to take a moment to thank all of the other submissive males out there who too have chosen to let others share/explore their world via the web. They will never know how important that have been for me...but from one who at first thought he was odd and alone until he discovered there were many others out there...thank you!