Owner and i have just returned from a fantastic week away in a remote cottage near the sea. i have been trying to improve my performance of late, much needed as the results of my assessment will testify, and Owner seems to have noticed an improvement. i am now offering Owner nightly foot massages and am cleaning on a daily basis and i was really pleased that i continued to undertake these activities for Owner whilst we were on holiday.

Naturally, i still managed to do things wrong and require punishment. As a consequence i spent some time walking around a small market town with Owner whilst wearing japanese clover nipple clamps, which Owner took great delight in pulling and tugging! The funniest incident though occurred on the second to last day of our holiday. As a punishment Owner had me kneeling on all fours on a wooden table in the lounge. i was wearing weighted nipple clamps and had 20 mini clothes pegs attached to my testicles. There was a large butt plug in my 'pussy' and i had just commenced fellating Owners dildo (i was due to remain like this for at least 15 minutes) when there was a sudden knock at the door - bear in mind this was an isolated country cottage we where staying in. i had to make a rapid exit to the bathroom whilst Owner dealt with the caller - it turned out it was the cleaner who had got the date wrong for our departure. i'm just pleased i had remembered to lock the door and that she hadn't just walked straight in!

i am also getting accustomed to being caned once again on a regular basis. Owner currently administers 80 strikes of Her cane per session and we are currently working up towards 100 stokes plus. Owner has also added a new dimension to my punishments, now every time i do something that requires punishing She also removes one of the items of pretty clothing that i like to wear. This is actually a really good incentive to be better behaved as i love to dress up in pretty clothes and am mortified at the prospect of having nothing left to wear.

Owner has also re-commenced her series of humiliating/embarrassing challenges for me. At the airport at the start of our holiday i had to buy some lipstick and nail polish at the airport whilst wearing a tiara and later this week i have to walk the length of a busy London train station in red stiletto heels - which could be interesting!

It's so nice to be back serving my Owner once again, we both feel so much happier and more content. i just hope that one day i can again earn the right to wear Owners collar.