Owner has, as mentioned previously, recommenced setting her trainee pet with a series of challenges for him to undertake. Today i had to meet Owner at Kings Cross station in London and walk around the station hall wearing my red high heeled shoes. In an effort to please Owner i also put on some light make-up, my outdoor 'training' collar, a red top to match my heels, trainee pet 'L' badge and red stockings under my fem jeans.

i was nervous as hell before meeting Owner, the station was packed and i couldn't find anywhere discrete to take-off my boots and slip on my heels. However, i was able to find a quiet corner of the station to change my footwear moderately discretely - only those queing for the taxis could see me, and so was fully prepared and dressed for the challenge when Owner greeted me. Owner led me into the station itself and then showed the route that i was to walk, basically i had to do a lap of the station hall. i nervously set off on my trot around the hall being careful to try and ensure i did not slip! or to make eye contact with people just in case i recognised someone!

The picture was taken by Owner at the end of my lap. i think you can tell i was both relieved and excited to have completed my challenge. i particularly like the police officer in the background!

It is our anniversary in a week's time and i am taking Owner to our favourite hotel for the night. Apparently i am to have an audition the next day for Owner that she has entitled my 'Plan 9 For Spoilt Pet'. i have absolutely no idea what this will involve but will do my best and update what it involved and how i got on.

Challenges aside Owner has stated that She has observed an improvement in trainee pet's performance since She issued her ultimatum to me and i was demoted to trainee pet status. For myself, i feel i have now settled into a new routine and am remembering to do all of my household chores and duties, and generally strive to become a much better pet and submissive for Owner. It is wonderful to be back properly serving my Owner again and i think the picture shows just how happy i am to be back being trained. Our relationship is a journey and i have a long way to go and develop as a pet Owner can be truly proud of. But i am enjoying every minute of my re-training as Owners submissive and hope that i can continue to develop and progress in my submission to Her. i truly am a lucky trainee pet!