Well, despite my best efforts i didn't get offered a part by Owner in Her 'Plan 9 For Spoilt Pets' production. However, She did state that She was impressed by my slutty creativity and so invited me to a 'Playpet' photoshoot in Belgium.

Confused? well this is a wonderful example of the kind of fun creativity Owner loves to inject into our FLR relationship. A few months ago Owner was working hard for a course and i helped Her as best i could, proofing Her essays, suggesting some minor revisions etc. As a thank you Owner booked the two of us to spend a weekend in Bruges in Belgium. This in turn developed into a new idea of Hers, namely a 'Playpet' photoshoot with me posing for slutty pictures in the hotel and in the streets of Bruges and Brussels.

The following are some of the photos that Owner took:

Hotel bedroom slut

Hotel garden slut

Happy slut on bridge in Bruges

Nervous Slut in 'Parc de Bruxelles' in Brussels

As you can see we both had a fantastic time in Belgium, the weather was perfect and we treated ourselves to chocolates and beer. Both Brussels and Bruges have lots of pretty places to visit and a wealth of history to explore. They also have some fabulous shops. The highlight of the trip for me though was that Owner granted me permission to buy my first bra. Owner chose a matching bra and panties set which i absolutely adore. i hope you will agree that they are divine?


Karen Singer said...

Sounds like you had a great time, and the clothes you wore look good on you. Congrats on your first bra! You're a lucky pet.


Happy pet said...

Many thanks Karen, i'm really thrilled by it!


Mistress Marie said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am trying to read a few posts of yours whenever I can, I started back at the beginning and will try to read through your whole blog.

I am liking your current hair better than your manly cut from here. :)