Owner has had me out of chastity over the weekend for some more fun and games. Today was a really wet and overcast day in London, the perfect day for playing indoors. So this afternoon when i had completed my chores Owner and i retired to bed. It wasn't long before Owner had me on all fours beating and slapping my testicles so that i was moaning like a true slut! Owner then proceeded to moisten my pussy lips before inserting one of the large ribbed butt plugs into me. Owners intention was to have me plugged whilst She continued to tease and torment me, but events proved otherwise. No sooner had the plug sunk all the way in and Owner had started to tap and twist the base than....oh my what's that drizzling out of me!

Yep, yours truly was leaking semen uncontrollably in a steady stream onto the bedding. It is a weird feeling when you are milked either intentionally, or as in this instance, unintentionally. It is not at all like an orgasm, just a constant drizzle flowing out of you. Needless to say i was quickly made to lick up my mess from the covers.

However, today must have been my lucky day because after i had been accidentally milked this way i was left hornier than i thought possible...i even began eyeing the bed posts with unnatural interest as Owner pleasured herself against me. Then Owner returned her attention to me and began repeatedly slapping and masturbating me until i was urgently requesting permission to come, and to my surprise and delight i heard those magic words; "yes come like a slut" - which i duly did all over my thighs and stomach! Owner scooped up some of my mess with her fingers and had me lick them clean before instructing me to lick up the puddle on the bed clothes. What a truly wonderful way to spend an afternoon, but it is now back to chastity time again.


Mistress160 said...

Must have made the bedposts nervous!


Anonymous said...

You, darling, are one very lucky gurl.

I'm utterly jealous!

But thanks for sharing these delicious details.


Happy pet said...

Thank you SissyNYC, i am indeed very lucky.

Mistress 160 - LOL, they're iron so i think they probably could have withstood even my big arse!

Mistress160 said...