Halloween, or as Owner described it the night that Owners get treated and trainee pet's get tricked. Yes, the night of the dead is always a fun and exciting evening and one that Owner and i greatly enjoy. The evening commenced with me dressing up in my Morticia outfit and then preparing Owner some traditional Halloween fayre, 'Soul' cake followed later by 'Colcannon'. After we had consumed some of the cake it was time for trainee pet to follow his Owners instructions for the evening which were wrapped up in little notes adorning our Halloween poster.

The instructions read as follows:

'1 -Samhain is considered a time to eliminate weaknesses, it is advised to write your own weaknesses onto a piece of paper and then burn them

Little pet to do a list of his weaknesses and how he is going to improve them - on his knees and wearing nipple clamps - then hand to Owner

2 -Samhain allows you to come to terms with your past year and leave all your mistakes and regrets behind you, in order to move on. Look forward to what the future holds.

Little pet to be spanked as many times as the number of punishments accrued in the past year (98 according to my punishment book!) - this will allow him to leave his mistakes behind

3 - The name Jack O'Lantern derives from an old Irish tale of a villain who after he died could not enter heaven or hell - a damned soul. So he was condemned to wander the land with only a candle to see his way placed inside a gouged out vegetable to act as a lantern

Little pet to walk up and down the corridor carrying only a candle 10 times wearing his spiked parachute harness and weights suspended - this will necessitate the temporary removal of your chastity device

4- Bobbing for apples was a classic Halloween game. In 'bobbing for apples' girls used to name each apple after a different suitor. The girl would kneel over the tub, shut her eyes, put her hands behind her back and try to catch an apple with her teeth. The one she could bite would be her future husband. A variation was to hang apples from the doorway. The first one to finish eating the apple gets married next

Rather than using a doorway Owner will hang apples from little pet's parachute device.

5 - By candlelight go alone to a mirror and eat an apple before it, whilst combing your hair. Your future lover will be seen in the glass over your shoulder

Little pet will go to the corridor mirror and will eat one of the apples hanging from his parachute...maybe his future love will appear behind him and give him some instructions'

i was so lucky, as predicted Owner appeared in the mirror next to me! She led me back into the kitchen and had me bend over the kitchen table where she fucked me hard and repeatedly with a large dildo whilst also masturbating me and spanking my testicles really hard with a baton - Her halloween ball buster.

Very soon i was moaning loudly like a truly ghoulish slut and begging to be allowed to come. Owner edged me in this manner repeatedly until i thought my testicles would burst and then stopped and instructed me to return to chastity. How wonderfully and deliciously frustrating!

Hope you all had a wonderfully wicked Halloween, or Samhain. i know i did!