Oh dear, yesterday i managed to make a very simple yet very embarrassing mistake. As it is the run up to Christmas i decided i would email a list of some things i would find useful as gifts to my mum, dad and sister. However, my dad very quickly responded saying that he didn't know where he could get a 'cock and ball clamp/stand' from!!

OH no! i sent the wrong bloody list!!! Oh how i wanted the earth to open and to swallow me up. i'd accidentally emailed my family a list containing some of the items that i would love to receive from my Owner, including the aforementioned item alongside a list of women's clothing and accessories that i would like. Oh god, how embarrassing.

Thankfully my family are quite open-minded and my dad's response was very jokey. However, i've not yet heard back from my mum or sister. i have a feeling that i am never going to be able to live down this little episode. Oh well, i guess i could get some interesting presents when i go to stay with my sister for Christmas!

i am someone who likes humiliation....but had never intended it to happen this way.

On a separate note, my learning as Owners submissive continues to develop a pace and i have now got into a steady routine, since my disastrous contract appraisal back in September, of cooking, cleaning, massages etc. i have asked Owner if the list of things that she would like me to do on a daily/weekly basis for Her could be extended further and have put forward some suggestions in the journal that i keep. i shall just have to be patient and wait and see.

Right, off now to start preparing the Christmas cake. Have a good weekend all and remember....check your email attachments carefully before sending them through to your family or vanilla friends!!!!


Mistress160 said...

sol: "ooops"
Ms160: *falls about laughing*

God, I would have DIED!

Happy pet said...

Thanks Sol and Mistress 160, i was (and am) suitably mortified! So far only my dad seems to have picked up on it and he's been jokingly confused in his response! Will be seeing my sister this weekend...ho hum! And as for my mum....well, it could be am interesting Christmas!

Mistress160 said...

So what happened when you visited your sister????

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160, it was a bit like the elephant in the room but was never mentioned. Both Owner and i went down for the weekend and i still suspect something may be said, albeit at Christmas when i'm there on my own and she can poke fun at me as only sisters (event younger ones) can! However, so far nothing further has been said.

Mistress160 said...

LOL. I'll enjoy waiting until after Xmas!