Just a very brief post to wish everyone who reads this blog a very belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sorry the posts have tailed off a little this past month, it has been a very disrupted time, what with the builders (who've still not quite finished) etc. However, i hope you've all had a fantastic one. Owner and i have been with our respective families over the festive period but will be re-united tomorrow...i for one can't wait!

Meanwhile, i leave you with a picture of the Christmas cake i baked for Owner.

Big hug and see you all in 2009.


p.s. and nobody mentioned THAT list! :)

Owner and i have just come out of a period of total chaos - yes we've had a new kitchen installed! Oh god, the dust, the debris, the noise and the hassle such a seemingly simple task can involve when you only live in a one bedroom flat. At one stage the old ceiling collapsed and the builders uncovered a host of additional problems which delayed everything by a week but now it is, almost, done. Once the builders had cleared away i re-painted the kitchen and installed a few more small units/pictures to try and get the place looking pretty again.

But we're both pleased with the results

i'm certainly delighted to have a decent oven at last in which i can bake and prepare nice food for my Owner! The downside, though, of having the kitchen installed, aside from the chaos, is that i have started to slip out again of some of my duties - it being difficult to be a sub slut when you are sharing your flat with builders! The whole episode also left Owner and i very tired and drained and so it has been a struggle to get back into my little routines of service and submission. However, now the kitchen is basically complete i know i have no excuse and so will be working hard to get back to my old submissive self. An added incentive is that i have my next six months appraisal coming up after Xmas and i don't want a repeat of the last disastrous one - especially as i think i had been improving since then.