Friday....needed to pop along to a video shoot in East London as part of the latest Corporate 'promo' film they are doing for the organisation i work for. Of course, Fridays are bra and knickers day so.... guess what....? They'll never know (unless of course they look in here)
i'm so sorry that it has been such a while since i last posted an update, the past few weeks have been increasingly mental at work and as a consequence i have become what Owner succinctly but accurately describes as a PCP (pretty crappy pet). i'm not sure what it is about the autumn but it does seem to be like this every year.

However, despite my inability to serve Owner of late as She rightly expects we have nonetheless managed to snatch some days of fun here and there. For our anniversary we went back to the hotel at the station we first kissed, as we do every year, and booked ourselves in for a decadent night. Owner had me complete a mini-slut challenge and alo used the opportunity for some good 'ol simple and effective nipple torture with a pair of chopsticks and some laces. As you can see from the image below i do so adore this;

You can also just about make ou the new belly chain that Owner bought me as a present and which i absolutely adore, i am such a spoilt pet at times!!!

We also went walking the other weekend in Kent along part of the Pilgrims Trail to Canterbury. The countryside was beautiful and the weather fine and we had a great time. As you would expect though, we were entertaining ouselves with a few 'challenges for the pet' along the way.
This time though we managed not to do so as other walkers passed by, unlike in Norway, which was a relief.

So once again, sorry for the lack of posts of late and a big and heartfelt apology to my Owner too for having been such a crappy pet of late.
The past couple of days have seen me at home whilst Owner has been having to go into work. i discovered that i had accrued quite a bit of unspent leave at work and, rather than lose it, have booked some time off to be Owners little housewife. Yes, whilst Owner has been slaving away at Her job i've been swanning about the flat, cleaning the windows, doing some high dusting, washing net curtains, trimming hedges in the garden and making soups in the kitchen. i have to confess it has been wonderful. i really could get used to being at home all the time! i do feel guilty though that Owner has been having to work whilst i have had the past few days off.

The other piece of good news is that my new 'Friday' bras have finally arrived, well they actually arrived about two weeks ago but the sizes inside the box did not correspond with the size i'd ordered (34A if you're curious) and had to be sent back...only to then get caught up in a postal strike! Honestly, i wish they'd sort their disputes our without strikes, don't they know that there are people waiting for important items of lingerie to arrive! Anyway, the bras arrived today which means that tomorrow will be the first Friday of the rest of my life when i shall be expected to wear a bra all day...and from next week this means all day at work too! i'm secretly thrilled though a tad nervous as well.

Oh, and i've just discovered that next week is national wearing stockings to work week! i'm now just hoping that Owner lets me wear a pair, it would be great to go in on Friday wearing both a bra AND matching stockings.
Owner has presented me with the following additions to my 'core contract' as part of Her continuing training and development of me as Her pet. The additions are as follows;

  • To cook something new each week and try to develop my own recipes i.e. become less reliant on cookery books
  • Create and implement a new cleaning checklist now that we have finished renovating the flat
  • Continue studying and learning Spanish by completing the BBC series 'Mi Vida Loca' , and complete one work book exercise unit each month from Spanish workbook
  • Research and learn how to give manicures and add these to my pedicure routine
  • Incorporate use of queening stool more regularly
  • Learn how to develop templates in Word by booking a training session with Owner
  • Improve burlesque show performances by undertaking weekly rehearsals
  • Change bath towels every week
  • Ensure Owner has a constant supply of La Source products or equivalents
  • Kiss Owners feet when getting up and again when going to bed
  • Wear a 'training' bra to work every Friday
  • On a Friday wear a butt plug after work for the evening and present 'pussy' for inspection by Owner before going to bed - ensure gloves and lubricant are available
  • Always dress for the occasion and check with Owner what to wear before going out
  • Keep feminine clothes tidy and organised
  • Use time on internet wisely e.g. to update skills
  • Request a mini-caning each week with nipple clamps and pegs attached (this in addition to regular weekly caning)
i think i have been extremely lucky with some of the 'additions' to my existing contract and duties that Owner has ordered - especially wearing the bra on a Friday! We have measured my size (34A) and i have been allowed to order this very pretty bra especially for 'developing busts' from

i'm very excited!
Owner and i were away over the weekend and whilst out shopping we came across these in a cookware store;

Apparently they are table cloth weights for use when al fresco dining - how have we got through life so far without such little culinary essentials?! Owner, of course, immediately saw their true potential...and only £2.50 for 4! i can confirm that they are evil little things. They have a very powerful spring action and nasty little teeth, which, combined with the weights in the red balls, make for some great nipple clamps!
Owner and i are both feeling sad today as we returned from our two week trip to Norway yesterday. We had an absolutely fantastic time and are already planning when and where to go back! It really is a simply stunning country to walk in and travel around, i'll not bore you with
endless landscape photos (we took almost 600!) but here are a few just to give an idea of the area near where we stayed in Hardangerfjord:

On arrival at the cabin in which we were staying for a fortnight, Owner discovered a carpet beater amongst the cleaning materials and soon put it to good use.

However, for most of the holiday Owner granted me permission to relax and just enjoy myself, i was even allowed out of chastity for the duration of our stay and was treated to a couple of wonderful meals prepared by Owner. Most of the time we spent exploring around the Hardangerfjord area in our hire car and going on lots of walks up mountains, past cascading waterfalls and looking down onto lakes, fjords and rivers. It really was quite breathtaking scenery. Of course, it wouldn't be Owner and i though if we hadn't sought to make use of the opportunities presented by these walks for a few impromptu photo shoots along the way! The first couple were Viking themed:

But there was also an occasion when i got to be a sort of perverted troll under a bridge!

On another occasion Owner made use of the plentiful supply of birch sapplings and branches for a little riverside caning (and to the couple who walked past us whilst we were mid caning i sincerely apologise if we caused any offence!).

As with all holidays we also discovered some of the culinary delights the country has to offer. In the case of Norway it was that reindeer tastes wonderful (sorry Rudolph), they have some of the best ice cream in the world and that the local cafe we used to visit for coffee (out of a flask - don't ask i think it is some kind of Norwegian thing!) in the village of Steinsto serves the most delicious apple pie and lefse

Owner even let me buy a new pair of elk themed panties as a souvenir of our trip together with a pair of matching leggings.

We had both brought along our wellie boots and umbrellas in anticipation of some days of heavy rain, but in reality the weather was largely good (we both got suntans) and the only occassion in which i wore my wellies was when i gave a short performance for Owner on the veranda of our cottage.

It was, in short, a fantastic holiday and one which we both greatly enjoyed. i know i probably became a little too relaxed whilst we were away - who am i kidding i did become far too relaxed and Owner has the photographic evidence to prove it (see below). i'm just lucky to have an Owner who likes to treat me to the occasional break from my service to Her, though i know i will pay for this one day soon!

Owner and i depart for our 2 week adventure to Norway this coming weekend. we've hired a cabin near a fjord and are both looking forward to two weeks uninterrupted fun and naughtiness. i have already been advised of the strong possibility of some outdoor challenges to perform and am hoping that there might be some opportunities for some good old viking style raping and pillaging to be had, with me being the one being raped and pillaged! Owner will also be updating my contract.

Whatever we end up getting upto we'll be 'doing it' amongst some of the most beautiful and spectacular scenery Europe has to offer. We're both really excited and can't wait to go and i can't wait to be able to give Owner my complete and undivided attention for a whole fortnight. It will be sheer bliss.
Today i had my re-collaring ceremony with Owner in front of members of the re-collaring committee. The ceremony was a short one in which my wonderful Owner secured my full collar around my neck and then i read out a short speech. The event was followed by 3 performances by me for Owners amusement to some old Queen classic songs. Some photos of the event follow;

Me wearing my outdoor 'probationary pet' collar prior to the ceremony, i'm wearing one of my best dresses

Members of the re-collaring committee settled and waiting for the ceremony to commence. My full collar is sitting on the table.

Me and my full collar

My wonderful Owner
Owner has recently taken up yoga and seems to greatly enjoy going to Her classes. It certainly seems to have increased Her flexibility. i, on the other hand, remain as inflexible as ever! i've never been very flexible, even at school i was unable to sit cross-legged during assemblies. However, what flexibility i did have seems to gradually diminish every year.

Owner and i were discsussing this when Owner suddenly had a lightbulb moment and announced that what was needed were yoga lessons for subs. 'Just imagine the interesting positions you could get into' She said. My imagination needed no encouragement on this one as i pictured myself in sort of 'begging puppy' (OK so i made that up) or whatever it was position, worshipping my very own Goddess.

Mind you, the above Extended Puppy position DOES look interesting! Owner has pointed out that The Plow (see below) is also full of possibilities!

However, a quick google search by Owner showed that someone had beat Her to it with Her idea, there is indeed a yoga teacher who offers yoga lessons especially for bondage and submissives. However, these take place on the other side of the world from us and i still reckon that Owner could be onto something here. Even i would give yoga a try if it was advertised as teaching positions and flexibility of especial interest to submissive sluts! i think i'll have to ask Owner nicely if She can start to instruct me.
Well today was a day of great sporting endeavour in this part of London and for this particular slut. A few days ago i received the following invitation from Owner to participate in a 'Slut Marathon';

As you can see this was an ingenious sport and one i felt confident i might do well at, unlike say tennis a game i totally fail to see the point of and which i was always hopeless at as well. Anyway, i digress. The aim of the 'marathon' was to select X and Y cards which determine where, with what and how the competitors pussy was to be fucked e.g.

The beauty of the game, as Owner highlighted, is that with judicious shuffling of the cards it can be repeated again, and again, and again. i look forward to the extension pack!

Anyway, the game started and i entered fully into the sporting spirit and am pleased to report that i did give of my best! The following are some action shots taken during the course of the event (the easily offended may want to look away now...though why you're here in the fist place beats me!)

There were 10 parts of the marathon to complete and with each one done these were chalked up on the multi-media scoreboard Owner had strategically placed in the kitchen

As you can see, interludes were provided during the event to enable Owners pet to continue with my normal tasks and duties. However, at the end of a long, gruelling, and wonderfully exhausting event! i was deemed by Owner to have successfully completed the 'slut marathon'. i had a congratulatory 'winners' laurel placed on my head and was allowed to pose for a photo with some of my 'momentos' from the day! Oh what fun we both had. As Owner said after, there was never really any doubt i would complete the marathon as i am a complete slut.

One of the things that i love to do is cook, which is probably a good job as it is also expected by Owner that i will do all the cooking! Being the one who prepares the meals has been a great opportunity to try out new recipes and ideas ove the past few years and has also re-introduced me to the pleasures of baking. i've come to love baking of all types, biscuits, cakes and breads. In fact baking bread is a particular passion of mine and i recently treated myself to an excellent book by Richard Bertinet called 'Dough: Simple Contemporary Bread' It is a wonderful book full of great bread recipes. This morning i decided to have a go at making my own version of one of Richard's breads, namely tomato, garlic and basil bread - except i also added some goats cheese to the bread as well. The recipe is as follows:

For the dough

250g strong bread flour
10g sea salt
yeast (i used instant)
5g salt
10g coarse semolina
25g extra virgin olive oil

For The Ingredients

1 punnet of cherry tomatoes - sliced in half and sprinkled with herbs, salt, pepper and sugar and dried in over for 2 hours at 100 degrees celsius
10 cloves of garlic - peeled then sauted in olive oil, butter and sugar before transferring to oven and cooking in mixture at 180 degrees celsius for 20 minutes

When the dough is ready stretch it out onto a flat surface, cover with the tomato's, garlic, basil leaves and goats cheese. Then fold one end in on top by a third. Take the other end and do likewise so that filling is covered. Tuck the ends of the dough underneath themselves to seal. Then slice the dough in half and place on a baking tray in oven at 220 degrees. Place so that the open end of the dough (which you can see the stuffing in) is on top and open up the dough slightly. Then bake for 20-25 minutes.

The end result looked like this;

Owner seemed very happy with the outcome, especially as i had also had my first go at making cappuccino's using a new milk frothing device (just a metal jug with an internal plunger and sieve in reality - but works a treat). i've never made these at home before and Owner seemed very happy with the result;

Owner seemed very pleased with my efforts, hopefully i've got my new pet status off to a good start!
Well tonight after giving Owner a foot bath and massage i received the following email;

'This is an automated message. Please do not reply. You are receiving this email on behalf on the CFPD's assessment department. Please find attached the results of your Spanish and PowerPoint's test. For extra feedback contact your personal trainer.
CFPD (Centre For Pets' Development)
Committed to the development of pets since 2005'

The following results were attached;

i'd passed both tests!!!! i'm soo excited i am going to become a full pet once again.....yippeee!! It's been nearly a year but at last i've finally earned my way back to becoming my Owners pet. Thank you, thank you Owner.

Owner has advised that we will have the re-collaring ceremony next weekend. This weekend we are to have a 'slut marathon' in which Owner has advised that Her pet will be fucked 10 times during the day. Her pet is to choose from two packs of cards marked X and Y. One indicates the place and position Pet is to be fucked in the other the object that will be used.

Oh what joy, back to being a proper Pet and a slut marathon to take part in too!! This could be one of the best weekends of my life!

Owner has advised me that i will get the results of my tests tomorrow so i shall just have to wait a little longer. As She has rightly reminded me, i need to be patient....not something i'm that good at being!

However, i am trying to use this time constructively and a train journey to Sheffield today for an utterly pointless work meeting provided an opportunity to come up with some additional duties that i could incorporate into my daily routine. The things i came up with are as follows;

1 - To prepare Owners toothbrush each morning and night to ensure it has toothpaste on it ready for Her to use.
2 - To bring Owner the cordless telephone each evening so that She might make Her calls without having to get up to find the phone. Then for me to replace the phone in its charge at the end of the evening.
3 - When at home to always be the one who answers the door for deliveries, meter readers etc, irrespective of what i am wearing, how much make-up i have on etc at the time.
4 - To provide Owner with a nightly foot bath/soak in addition to Her nightly foot massage.
5 -To be responsible for ensuing Owner is kept constantly supplied with Her favourite moisturisers etc (incidentally these are 'La Source' from Crabtree and Evelyn... in case you're wondering!)
6 - Likewise to ensure Owner is always supplied with other products She regularly uses and is never left in a situation when these have run-out at home.
7 - At restaurants to always pull out Owners chair for Her to sit down before sitting down myself.

i've shown the above suggestions to Owner and She seems to like them so now i shall have to start remembering to put the into practice and/or incorporate them into my routine as appropriate.
Well tonight is the night when i have the first of my two tests to see whether or not Owner considers me to be worthy of regaining my full pet status. Tonight's test is in the form of a powerpoint presentation to Her on the subject of 'Life As A Probationary Pet'. This test is in two parts. Part one is the presentation itself. Part to is a technical assessment of the powerpoint skills learnt and utilised for the test.

Tonight's test will be followed tomorrow by a Spanish test. i am nervous about both but the latter one especially as i am not linguisitically gifted. However, i have tried and do want to pass both tests in order that i might, once again, be deemed worthy of being my Owners pet. i'll update on how i got on (with Owners permission) later in the week.
Ever since i was a child i have been extremely ticklish and the knowledge of just how ticklish i am is something that Owner delights in exploiting. Many is the evening when, just after getting into bed after massaging Owners feet, i am thrown into panic by Her words 'immobilise the victim and....tickle 1, tickle 2...' as i frantically squirm and wriggle! Give me a sound caning any day.

Well yesterday Owner texted me whilst i was at work to say She had a surprise for me, but that in order to receive it i had to agree to receive 100 tickles and was i up for it? Of course i had to say yes. So last night found me on the bed squirming frantically, laughing manically, trying not to pee my pants whilst counting 100 tickles being delivered with relish by Owner. Needless to say, i was laughing/crying so much i kept losing track of the number of tickles i'd received so in total i'm sure it was many more than 100. At the end it was all worth it though when Owner presented me with my surprise - a lovely set of glittery eye liner and mascara to wear for my next performances for Her together with some stick on body jewels. i really am fortunate to have an Owner who gets me such beautiful gifts.
Owner and i went into town on Saturday to do some shopping. Whilst we were there Owner allowed me to buy a matching bra, knickers and skirt (underwear type) which you can see me in below, i really like it!

After this photo was taken Owner led me into the bedroom for my weekly flogging and caning. Owner is working to slowly increase the number of strokes that i receive and is also experimenting with different techniques on different parts of my body. After a few weeks of having my testicles spanked and/or caned this time it was time for them to be flogged. Owners flogger is quite short and so easily reaches round between my legs and soon had my attention!

After the spanking, flogging and caning session was over and Owner had pronounced Herself satisfied with this weeks 'experimentation' She ordered me onto all fours on the bed. No sooner was i in position than my pussy was being quickly finger-lubed by Owner and then penetrated by Her 8inch vac-u-lock strapon. This dildo used to cause me some problems, a case of my eyes being bigger than my pussy you might say! However, it now slides into position with comparative ease and no discomfort. Hurrah! There really is nothing quite like it for delivering a fully stuffed fucking.
In Her comment on one of my earlier posts Mistress 160 asked what suggestions i had put forward to Owner for the incorporation of Her Queening stool into some of our regular activies? The following is re-printed with permission from my Owner and is the list of ideas i presented to Her;

  • Before or after each caning session to offer to arouse Owner on Her queening stool
  • To offer to arouse Owner on Her queening stool immediately after a supervised shower by way of ‘thank you’ (as well as the more traditional thank you)
  • Every Friday night when getting out the toys so that they are available for use at the weekend to invite Owner to inspect that they are clean and to offer Her the queening stool for pet to worship Her
  • To bring in the queening stool into the kitchen when giving Owner a pedicure and to offer Owner an after pedicure ‘adoration’
  • To offer to queen Owner after any punishment has been administered
  • To spend one hour a weekend (time to be designated by Owner) lying in position under the queening stool in the bedroom should Owner wish to come in and make use of Her stool at any time during that period i.e. every Saturday night between 7.30-8.30pm to be in position
  • To offer to queen Owner each time she has dyed Her hair and is waiting for it to ‘set’.

i should add that Owner is still considering these suggestions.

As previously blogged Owner often requests that i put on a Burlesque or strip-tease show for Her. On Friday night i did a few Rocky Horror show performances for Owner. The images below were taken by Owner whilst i 'performed'. As ever these were great fun!

This afternoon it was time for my weekly caning. Owner has been slowly increasing the number of strokes i receive and today was a new record, 130. When Owner had finished She had me lie on the bed whereupon She proceeded to rig me up with rope so that i was fully accessible and exposed for Her amusement. As you can see i was pretty well immobilised with my hands tied behind my head to the bedframe and my legs bound and spread;

Once fully secured Owner then commenced attaching clothes pegs to my nipples and testicles;

After which out came the inflatable butt plug and i was sent spinning away into slut heaven as Owner pumped the plug up and switched the vibrator on. Owner then proceeded to cane my nipples before draping Her moist knickers over my face, squatting above me and using my tongue for Her pleasure in combination with Her vibrator. What a wonderful way to work out!

Owner and i headed into Covent Garden this afternoon to do some shopping. Before setting off Owner had instructed me to wear a butt plug so i was to be found sitting on the tube in the afternoon, Owner by my side, adorned in my make-up, nail varnish, probationary pet leather collar, and wearing a short sleeve shirt, bra, jeans with white plastic belt, panties, CB3000 and heavy metal butt plug. It is a truism that you can meet all sorts of people on the tube!

In town Owner allowed me to buy a wonderful t-shirt, it's a woman's skinny fit one in green and will go well with my jeans. We then headed over to Stanfords to stock up on maps etc for our trip to Norway before heading back home. In Covent Garden the air had been heavy and humid and the sky was darkening so it was little surprise to find that when we reached our stop the heavens had well and truly opened! It was a downpour of biblical proportions with the roads quickly taking on the appearance of small rivers in spate.

There is something about letting yourself get soaked by a summer downpour that brings out the child in both Owner and i. As the lightening forked overhead we had great fun hurtling through ankle deep water in the general direction of the bus stop. Needless to say by the time we reached it both of us were soaked but giggling happily and excitedly. What fun to be running with a butt plug in the rain!
It has been quite muggy and humid in London the past couple of days and it looks set to get worse. Neither Owner nor i are great fans of this weather and so this morning found us lazing about in the cool of the bedroom with the curtains drawn listening out for any sign of rain or thunder to clear the air. Alas there was none.

Neverthless, Owner put the time to good use spanking my testicles with Her favourite leather paddle. She also discovered that spanking the head of my exposed penis with the paddle (i've been out of chastity this past week on Owners instructions) caused me to flinch and generally look uncomfortable. This of course was met with a gleeful response by Owner who switched Her attention from my testicles and instead set about spanking the head of my penis. More fun was had when Owner discovered She could thread the leather loop of the paddle through my nipple ring and have me walk about the flat in the morning with the paddle hanging from my breast, tugging it gently. Of course, hung in such a position meant it was constantly available for Owner to grab and still use to spank my bottom, or wherever She chose. A little later on found me on all fours, testicles being spanked hard and a glass butt plug in my 'pussy'. Owner was happily spanking me and pushing the base of the plug deeper in me when....well let's say i had an accidental release. This was not good as i had not obtained permission to cum, although Owner has generously stated i won't be punished for my misdemeanour as She was intentionally experimenting. Needless to say after ensuring that i had licked up my mess and cleaned the toys Owner decided i should be placed back into chastity.

Which brings me to the subject of happiness, and specifically how happy we both our living out our little Femdom lives. i know and Owner knows that i'm currently far from being a perfect pet. However, She views our relationship as a lifetime project and though determined to see me improve (as am i), and prepared to punish when She feels it appropriate, also believes that we can just take things one step at a time on a lifetimes journey into Femdom. It has been over two years since we started living together and developing our Femdom life and in that time we have both learnt and grown into our respective roles. As Miss D pointed out in her comments on my last entry i do, as my recent appraisal from Owner demonstrates, need to improve and ensure that i work hard to regain my pet status and i fully intend to do this. There is nothing i would like more in the world than to once again be my Owners pet, as opposed to a probationary pet. But for us what is as important is that we both have fun and enjoy our relationship at the same time. i truly feel blessed and honoured to have this opportunity to share my life and to live and grow with such a wonderful Owner and partner. She makes me the happiest person alive and accepts me for who i am and who we both would like me to become. Although i'm not there yet, i am a long way down the road compared to where i was (or indeed we both were) when we first set out on this journey together a few years ago.

Finally, as i type this sitting at the kitchen table and already feeling the heat of the day rising uncomfortably, both of our attentions are turning to our holiday in just over a month's time. We're both off to Norway, a country neither of us has visited before. We're going for 2 weeks which will also be the longest we've been on holiday together for as well. We've hired a cabin near a fjord and the mountains and forests and are already thinking about all the interesting prospects and opportunities for some outdoor and indoor fun and games!
This evening after returning home i received the following assessment from Owner of my performance during my probationary pet period. i re-print Owner's assessment below in full;

Time has come to review trainee pet’s performance during his probationary period. Let’s remember the events that led to the current situation:

  • Pet was collared on the 8th of September 2007
  • Pet’s behaviour was not consistent and not of the standards required by his Owner so he was demoted to trainee pet on the 8th of September 2008 after having been warned on several occasions
  • As a trainee pet his behaviour improved and Owner concluded that he was definitely better but becoming a pet required commitment so he was offered the possibility to become a pet on probation for 6 weeks in mid February 2009. During these 6 weeks he was supposed to comply with certain rules and achieve certain targets
  • Due to the refurbishment of the flat, the 6 weeks had to be moved from mid February to May 2009 and the list of targets was slightly changed

Let’s now review if all targets have been achieved and the rating that probationary pet has been given for each of them:

[Rating: 0-very poor, 1-poor, 2-average 3-good 4-very good. Maximum points available: 60]

Targets Owner’s comments Rating

To wear his Probationary Pet badge - He did and sometimes very enthusiastically even when it wasn’t required. He showed he was proud to be owned and was not afraid to show it 4

To finish off the kitchen - He completed it. He’s not great at DIY, but he’s done it promptly and to the best of his abilities 4

To complete a ‘fake nails’ challenge - He did it! He was concerned and embarrassed at the beginning but he never gave up. He purchased items and had dinner in an Italian restaurant 4

To re-start my Spanish lessons I must schedule 1 lesson per week. If during a week I can not complete a lesson I must re-schedule 2 lessons for the following week - Failed miserably. Once more pet shows that if he doesn’t fancy doing something he may not do it. Erratic behaviour. Uninterested in Owner’s mother tongue. 0

To treat Owner to a pedicure every two weeks and a foot massage at least 3 times a week - He has consistently done this and has become an expert. If Owner didn’t get her pedicure or massage was because she refused to but pet always remembered to offer. Pet is forgiven for clipping Owner’s toe 4

To have a PowerPoint lesson – I must schedule this lesson and create a little project at the end - Failed miserably. Again, uninterested. Pet’s too busy being a slut 0

No to drink any coffee in the evenings during the week. On weekend evenings I must ask for permission - Pet has done very well and achieved this 4

To keep my paperwork organised in a folder. Any printed instructions for events/games must also be archived - Pet has started to do this but must make sure all paperwork is included as this will be our book of nice memories for when we are in the oldies home. Some papers are missing or haven’t been printed 2

To request a caning at least once a week - Pet has done this, if he hasn’t got one it was due to Owner being busy, tired or family visits 4

To think of imaginative ways to use the queening stool during play, produce a list and submit it to my Owner for approval - Pet has submitted a list of very creative ideas 4

To re-start daily/weekly cleaning routine - Pet has done this and has incorporated new services out of his own initiative. However, pet has struggle to keep the kitchen sink clean and odour free and has been punished for this on several occasions 3

To keep the flat very tidy - Pet has done. I agree the kitchen table is messy sometimes 3

To stop smoking on the 1st of June 2009 - Pet has done so and has been successful so far

To complete all punishments accrued before the re-start of the probationary period - Pet completed all of them 4

Not to accumulate more than 3 punishment from the moment the probationary period re-starts - Pet accumulated 3 exactly. The last punishment was given to him while being punished. It would have been good to see no punishments at all 2

Total: 46

Owner’s conclusion:

Pet has obtained 46 points out of 60 points available. This is not a bad score. Pet has achieved most of the targets and has done exceptionally well in some areas. But Owner always expects perfection and he unfortunately has not achieved some of his targets – he hasn’t even tried.
However, it would be unfair not to mention that pet has done very well in areas not covered in the probationary agreement such as:

  • Being proactive – he has included new tasks to his morning routines
  • Cooking – he just gets better and better and prepares healthy and balanced meals
  • Being understanding – he perfectly understands and bears with Owner’s mood swings
  • Being fun and exciting – he may not be the greatest burlesque star but he never fails to impress and entertain
  • Updating his blog – he has shared with others his experiences in a fun and casual way

In conclusion, pet has grown in his role and in general has become more consistent despite his weaknesses. Owner will like to offer him the possibility of achieving the targets that he missed in order to become a proper pet again and get his collar back. This is the deal:

Pet will have to:

1) Complete the first 3 episodes of ‘Mi vida loca’ (in the BBC website: ). Owner will give him a test on completion of the episodes. Pet must pass the test to be promoted
2) Arrange an hour session with Owner to get some PowerPoint skills and create a presentation with the title ‘Life as a probationary pet’. Owner will mark the presentation. Pet must also pass this test to be promoted

Both tests must be completed by the 15th of July.

If both tasks are completed to Owner’s satisfaction probationary pet will regain his pet status and a collaring date will be arranged. If the tasks are not completed appropriately, pet’s situation will not be reviewed until January 2010.

Owner wishes pet good luck and encourages him to prepare himself and clarify any queries he may have.

i think Owner has been more than fair and i am delighted at this opportunity to have a final chance.

Owner and i have had a family member staying with us for a week, and though it has been great fun, we've done lots of sight-seeing, had meals out and visited other relatives whilst they've been here, it has inevitably meant that we've had to be somewhat discrete this week. For me this has meant remembering to wear 'normal' shoes about the house and to cover up my painted toe nails and not putting on any of my daily make-up or fem clothes. However, our guest has now departed so as i type this post i am wearing bright pink nail polish, short black lace nightie and with my face all made up pretty (yippee!!).

Now we have our flat back to ourselves i've been going around retrieving all of our 'toys' and other giveaway objects from their temporary hiding places and returning them to their proper places. Oh, and of course doing some cleaning and hoovering whilst i'm at it. Mind you even with a guest staying, Owner has still been treating me as Her slut whenever She has had an opportunity. Most mornings before going to work (Owner took the week off to entertain our guest but i've still been going to work during the day) She has finger-fucked my 'pussy' until it was thoroughly moist and spanked my chastised testicles. To prevent my moans of frustrated pleasure waking our guest in the next room Owner has had to stuff a pillow in my mouth! It has certainly been an enjoyable way to start the days for your truly!

Although it has been lovely having our guest to stay it will be wonderful to interact openly with Owner as Her submissive once again and get back to my little routines (which i've missed). We've also both decided that we really do need to get different jobs as well. We're both bored and frustrated in our current ones. i'd love to work somewhere where i could dress en femme all day! There's a blog i read by Mistress Helen whose submissive maid works in Her shop and also works as a cleaner. This would be a wonderful job to have...if anyone knows of an opening for a domesticated slutty sub i would love to hear!

However, back to reality! This weekend i have promised Owner that i will put on one of my regular burlesque shows for Her. This is something i do quite often and we both have great fun, although they're often more strip than burlesque - i always seem to have a problem keeping my knickers on! i'd love to have posted some pictures from the last show but the hard-drive of the computer packed up at the weekend and until it is fixed all the photos Owner took are inaccessible. Ho hum!

Finally, it is now also the end of my 'probationary pet' period. Owner has had me complete my self-appraisal which i have submitted to Her. My own assessment is that i have failed as during the probationary period i did not organise any Spanish lessons for myself or develop a Powerpoint presentation as requested - though i did undertake the other training and development requested i.e. weekly pedicures for Owner, requesting a regular caning etc, etc. Owner has promised to review my performance during the probationary period at Her leisure and advise me of Her assessment of my performance. i will post the outcome (with Her permission) when i have received it. i do long to return to full pet status once again and will continue to strive hard to serve and impress Owner whatever the outcome. It is, afterall, what makes me happy.
Owner has pointed out to me on numerous occasions that after i have finished washing up i must make sure that there are no stray pieces of food left over in the sink trap. Unfortunately, and despite having the error of my ways pointed out to me on more than one occasion, the other night Owner once again found a couple of bits of food from the dirty dishes lodged in the sink after i'd washed up. Owner rightly decided that enough was enough and that i needed punishing to mend my ways.

Thus it was that last night i presented myself to my Owner to receive my punishment. This was to consist of my cleaning the sink using just the tip of my finger whilst my testicles were adorned with 20 mini metal pegs and my nipples clamped with the clover clamps with weights hung from the chain between them. It took about 20 minutes for me to thoroughly clean all of the sink, all the while Owner caressed and spanked my clamped testicles and took great delight in swinging the weights attached to my nipple clamps. The end result was very sore nipples and testicles and a gleaming sink. After completing the punishment i mentally tried to prepare myself for the removal of the pegs. This is the part i hate the most, i'd far rather leave them in place and these little metal pegs are the worst of the lot. i'd deliberately picked these ones to wear (instead of the milder wooden ones) in an effort to please Owner and make ammends for my failure to clean the sink. However, Owner had another idea. She instructed me to go to the bedroom, prepare my pussy and wait for Her on all fours on the bed - still with the clamps and weights in place.

i waddled down the corridor to the bedroom (walking with 20 pegs on your testicles and weights swinging from your nipples is not easy!), clambered onto the bed, lubed myself so that i was wet and open and awaited Owner. It wasn't long before She was kneeling behind me, hands placed on my hips and then thrusting deep inside me. As Owners 'cock' pumped inside me She grabbed and pulled the clamps on my nipples and roughly caressed my still clamped testicles.

My nipples and testicles were on fire but i didn't care, the pain overwhelmed by my insatiable desire to be fucked harder and harder. Owner switched on the bullet inside Her 'cock', grabbed my hips and banged out an orgasm for Herself. i could hear the metal pegs on my testicles clattering against the plastic of my chastity device as Owner bucked inside me. At that moment i was in slut heaven.

Then Owner reached round and pulled off my nipple clamps. The pain was intense but as nothing compared to when She then rolled me on my back and started removing the clamps from my testicles. i had to stuff the pillow in my mouth to prevent me crying out!

4 hours later and my nipples still feel deliciously sore!
As the title of this blog suggests, one of the things that Owner expects is for me to be Her slut and She takes great delight in reminding me of my role as Her slut. This of course is hell! LOL Actually, it is very frustrating as i am kept in pretty permanent chastity but it does leave me in a state of delicious and semi-permanent arousal, albeit one that i am unable to do anything about other than pleasure Owner if She requests it.

Yesterday Owner served to remind me of my status as Her slut. i was at the kitchen sink washing-up after dinner when Owner came up behind me, lifted up my skirt, pulled my knickers down, told me to lean forwards and then proceeded to double finger-fuck my 'pussy'. As i moaned in pleasure Owner grabbed a wooden spatula and proceedd to spank my testicles with it before giving my bottom a firm spanking too. i was then instructed to finish off the washing and continue my duties.

Owners attention left me aroused for the rest of the evening. This morning She advised me that She is considering devising a 'slut marathon' for me. i have no idea what it may involve but it does sound wonderful!
It is 4 years today since Owner and i first met and i can honestly say that if you had told me 4 years and 1 day ago that i would meet a woman with whom i would not only fall madly in love with but who would later become my Owner as well as my best friend and companion and with whom i would go on to share the best times of my life i probably would not have believed you. But yes, having chatted for a while over the net our first meeting proved to be the start of a wonderful and fantastic journey and adventure full of fun, frivolity and love...oh and of course with a growing Femdom relationship evolving along the way. We didn't meet as people interested in finding that sort of relationship, rather as two souls seeking friendship and companionship after coming out of divorces. But something special developed between us and now we live happily together with me submitting to the most wonderful woman in the world. i truly am blessed.

Oh, and we still have plenty of fun together too. Last night, as we do every year, we returned to the restaurant where we first had a meal together. This year i had a particular challenge to fulfill which was to spend the evening wearing fake nails (as well as my usual make-up and collar, dog chain and 'slave' bell) see picture below;

i was extremely self-concious at first, trying to hide my hands on the tube and then trying to quickly pay for some items in a shop hoping the assistant wouldn't notice my nails (which of course she did) - forgetting of course that she probably had already clocked my collar and make-up, the nails just been an additional 'interesting' detail!

The nails themselves were quite strange to wear, they made rolling cigarettes or operating a cashpoint machine quite a challenge, though happily i survived the evening and had a wonderful meal to boot with Owner.

Talking of cigarettes, Owner and i have both vowed to try to give them up starting tomorrow. We're armed with patches and gum so hopefully this time we'll both succeed. We joked last night that it would be easier if we were both subs instead of just me. That way we could have got one of us to tie the other up and keep them locked up until the cravings had gone, then return the favour to the other. However, as there is just one of us who is a submissive then no such luck. Oh well, hopefully this time next year we'll be celebrating not just another year together but a year without fags.

Oh, and one final thing, and the reason we didn't try to stop smoking until tomorrow. Today was the final match of the season for Owners home town football team. The match was even more stressing than last week's, at half time they were losing and were just 45 minutes away from relegation to the Spanish 2nd division. But after much despair on Owners part they ended up winning! Puxa Sporting!
Owner and i had a lovely day today. We went into Camden and had lunch together before hitting the market and shops. Owner allowed me to buy a new top from Punkyfish, it's a little sleeveless summer number. Afterwards we went for a walk along the canal from Camden to Paddington before returning home.

After all that walking i gave Owner a foot bath and scrub followed by a massage. However, this was not to just ease Owners aching feet after all that walking, it was also to try and relax Her a little before the evenings big game. Yes, Owner follows the football team from her home town and tonight was to be a crucial match, relegation or to stay up in the Spanish Premier division. As She settled down anxiously in front of the laptop to listen to the game i set about cleaning the bathroom and trying to be useful.

It was high tension as first Owners team scored (much joy and excitement), then the other team scored (despair and despondency)...but then Owners team scored again and after a few very tense minutes in which they nearly let in a goal the match concluded. i don't follow football but Owner has become quite an avid follower of Her home town team. i'm pleased for Her that they won, if only to allow Her to relax until next weekend when the last game of the season is played and She will finally get to know if they are to remain in the Premier division in Spain or get relegated. i hope they stay up! Puxa Sporting!
One of the things that i enjoy the most is being used by my Owner as Her personal sex toy. After i had prepared our dinner last night and finished the washing up Owner led me into the bedroom, instructed me to lie face down and then warmed my backside with a spanking. She then proceeded to finger fuck my 'pussy' before inserting the inflatable butt plug and pumping it up. Owner then lifted my waist so that she could press her crotch against the base of the plug and began to grind Herself against me, turning the vibrator of the plug on as She did and using me to masturbate Herself against.

Needless to say the action caused me to be milked whilst Owner rode me to Her own orgasm. After licking up my mess we snuggled up together in bed again. It is wonderful to be useful!

Then this morning, after preparing Owners breakfast, we again returned to bed. This time Owner had me on all fours on the bed, nipples clamped and having me finger-fuck my own pussy whilst She rested Her feet on my back and pleasured Herself with Her vibrator. Once again the pleasure i derive from assisting my Owner achieve her own satisfaction is wonderful.
What a wonderful weekend Owner and i have had. The weather has been lousy for the time of year, wet and very windy and so neither of us has really ventured outside the flat. Instead, Saturday found me in the kitchen making stews and baking biscottis and bread sticks for Owner. It is a while since i have done any baking and it was great to be able to get back doing something i love and which Owner enjoys consuming.

In the afternoon Owner had me tied down to the bed, nipples and testicles clamped and flogged before She sat astride me and had me orally pleasure Her whilst she pulled hard on the chain attached to me nipple clamps. It was a wonderful treat to be able to pleasure Owner this way. But the treats were not over for the day. In the evening i was allowed to watch the Eurovision Song Contest with Owner. This is an annual treat for me - how sad i am!

Today the weather was no better than yesterday. After a long lie-in together Owner advised me that it was time for my weekly caning. She began by spanking and flogging me whilst i lay prostrate across the bed before administering a sound caning. You can see the results of Owners handiwork below;
Caning over Owner then positioned me on the bed with my ankles up around Her head in Her Mistress sling before fucking me hard with Her strapon. It is a wonderful position to be taken by Owner in as i can watch Her face and see the pleasure in Her eyes as She satisfies Herself. As usual i was in chastity but to be honest i derive more pleasure from my Owners pleasure than i ever did from my own. We lay side by side for a while, me deeply aroused, before Owner allowed me to masturbate Her and taste Her with my fingers. It was simply divine and again left me horny and wonderfully aroused.

We then talked about our relationship and how happy we both our. i told Owner how i had never been happier in my life and how i would love to be able to come still further under Her control. Owner said that She enjoyed the fact that we both live together within a constant D/s reality. The extent varies depending on what we are doing and where we are but it is a constant with our lives. Owner enjoys the fact that i have my little routines of service and submission and that these have become just an everyday part of our lives. There is no getting into or coming out of role for us, it is a constant within our relationship. Owner also said how much She enjoys using Her strapon on me, which i adore to....being quite the little slut i am!

Owner also said She is happy with me as a transvestite. i was quite surprised at my reaction when Owner said this because i still don't refer to myself as a transvestite, which is stupid as i so clearly am one. i am happy being a dressed up and looking pretty and going out in make-up and women's clothes, though so far this has never extended to me wearing skirts when we go out (something i always do at home). It is profoundly reassuring to hear Owner say that She was happy with me being a transvestite and hearing Her say that makes me feel confident and comfortable to use the term myself in future. Owner also knows that this is an area in which, should She wish to, She could push me further and have me further feminised.

When eventually we did get up Owner switched on the internet to listen to football whilst i dusted and hoovered in the flat. i've said to Owner in the past that i'd love to be Her housewife, but i gues in many ways that is already what i am. i'm Owners little transvestite slut who is at his happiest cooking, cleaning and pleasuring his Owner and striving to become a better submissive for Her. In short, i am living the dream with a wonderful lover, partner, best friend and Owner and it is fantastic!
It's Friday afternoon and the weekend has started. Owner and i have a whole 48 hours ahead of us to enjoy, have fun, be silly and live our lives as we love to without the inconvenience of work etc. Of course, i will be 'working' though i never regard the duties that i undertake for Owner as being 'work'. Cooking, cleaning and other domestic 'chores' (as i would once have regarded them) have come to be not only routine but enjoyable activities that i love to undertake in the service of my Owner. It is now at the point where i do not just feel guilty if i know some domestic duty i'm supposed to have completed has not been done, i actually miss the activity itself. My mother would be amazed! Of course, it is not that i find cleaning per se to be enjoyable! Rather it is the knowledge that these are things i am expected and desire to do in the service to my Owner turns a previously mundane activity into an enjoyable one. These activities have become an integral part of our relationship and of my submission to Owner. Thus, what were once 'chores' have actually become a celebration of my love for and devotion to my Owner. Some people travel thousands of miles on a pilgrimage in an act of devotion to their god, i hoover the flat in devotion to my Goddess!

Of course, there is though one important difference (i assume?). Namely, i don't imagine that many pilgrims get a sexual kick out of their efforts, whereas i do.

But i digress. As i was saying, the weekend is upon us and that means time spent with Owner and time spent with Her is the best time there is. All week i can feel the prospect of the weekend building inside me. i yearn for it to be here, spend my time wishing it were here. We do of course see each other all the time during the week, but work always gets in the way. We are forced apart during the day and have little time to enjoy just being us. But the weekend is different. It is Owners time to dictate the pace and agenda of the day, it is our time for fun and play. And the closer it gets the more excited i become and the hornier i get. By Friday i am moist with anticipation, fantasising constantly at the thought of being fucked by and pleasuring Owner.

It is a delicious time, a day of intense burning desire, of being unable to concentrate as the memory of the crop and cane, knickers pulled down, of nipples flushed sore and hot, face down, legs spread, breathing slowly...deeply, of strange discordant noises, Her hands on my hips, nails sunk in flesh, Her voice calling to me 'my slut, my slut', clenching and unclenching around Her, the motor pulsating through me, deeper, deeper a final gasp.... spent beside me She lies whilst i wrap my tongue around Her, sucking hard whilst my 'pussy' blinks its silent o around the memory of Her inside me, like a child i return to Her breast, Her fingers in my hair, we lie.

Of these i dream throughout the day as the Friday hunger builds inside me.
When we had our new kitchen fitted at the start of the year i kept hold of some of the wooden shelves from the old one thinking i was sure i could use them for something. Anyway, after a few months inspiration struck and one day Owner came home to find me outside in the garden sawing and drilling. With great delight i proudly announced that i was attempting to make my first piece of dungeon equipment. Basically, it consists of a couple of old shelves, some shelf supports and lots of little eye-bolts and spikes etc.

Yep, i was creating my own cock-torture device! Owner seemed pleased that i was trying to be creative and didn't dissuade me in my work, infact she seemed quite keen to try the device out. Well yesterday we finally got a chance. i was due a penis caning as a punishment for an earlier transgression and it seemed the perfect opportunity. My chastity device was removed and i was locked into the new 'machine'. i had attached bolts and cuffs to lock my ankles in place and was then able to lock my collar to the top of the device and my wrists to the sides with only my unprotected privates poking through. Owner then clamped my nipples in place before proceeding to cane and spank me.

The Danger Zone!

The 'machine' worked well although needs a minor adjustment. At present it is a little unbalanced at the back i.e. could tip backwards and so needs a stabiliser adding, but apart from that has proved to be a constructive recycling of unused shelving! After caning my cock repeatedly Owner even allowed me to come, a rare and wonderful treat.
A few months ago i was declared the winner of the 'Burlesque' competition on the Forced Feminisation group run by Mistress 160 on One of the 3 judges was Miss Bonnie who runs Collar N and she kindly sent me a beautiful basque as a prize. i agreed, with prompting from my Owner, that i should wear the basque at some prominent London landmarks, namely;

1) Nelsons Column
2) Tower Bridge
3) St Mary's Axe (aka 'the gherkin')

Anyway, finally after months of not being able to do anything at weekends apart from decorating, Owner and i got a chance to go out and about in town today. As a result, i was able to complete my basque wearing challenge. See photos below;

In front of Nelson's Column

Tower Bridge

St Mary's Axe

Thank you to Mistress 160, Miss Bonnie and of course my wonderful Owner and accomplice!
With the building and decorating works in the flat now completed Owner has graciously allowed me to re-start my probationary pet period. This is a 6-week trial to decide whether or not i will be granted the right to be referred to as Owners 'pet' as opposed to 'trainee pet'. For the duration of the probationary period Owner has outlined a number of additional tasks, duties and areas of learning that i am to incorporate into my existing daily and weekly routines. This will be followed by a formal evaluation at the end of the 6 week period to see if i am allowed to regain the status of 'pet' - lost last August (and rightly so) or not. Owner has set out the following agreement which i signed yesterday;

"I ....., trainee pet, commit myself to the role of ‘pet on probation’ for a period of 6 weeks. In these 6 weeks I promise to complete the following tasks to the best of my abilities:

- To wear my Probationary Pet badge

- To finish off the kitchen - To complete a ‘fake nails’ challenge
- To re-start my Spanish lessons – I must schedule 1 lesson per week. If during a week I can not complete a lesson I must re-schedule 2 lessons for the following week

- To treat Owner to a pedicure every two weeks and a foot massag
e at least 3 times a week
- To have a PowerPoint lesson – I must schedule this lesson and create a little project at the end

- No to drink any coffee in the evenings during the week. On weekend evenings I must ask for permission

- To keep my paperwork organised in a folder. Any printed instructions for events/games must also be archived

- To request a caning at least once a week

- To think of imaginative ways to use the queening stool during play, produce a list and submit it to my Owner for approval

- To re-start daily/weekly cleaning routine

- To keep the flat very tidy

- To stop smoking on the 1st of June 2009

- To complete all punishments accrued before the re-start of the probationary period

- Not to accumulate more than 3 punishment from the moment the probationary period re-starts

If I fail to complete any of these tasks or my behaviour is not of the standards expected I will revert to my position of ‘trainee pet’ and my role will not be reviewed until December 2009. If I complete these tasks to my Owner’s satisfaction I will be offered a new contract and my status will change to ‘pet’.
Signature: Date:"

As you can see Owner has been very fair and charitable with what she is expecting and it is now down to me to ensure that i meet her expectations.

Meanwhile, now that we have our lounge completely re-decorated and with new furniture i have asked Owner if she would agree that as her 'pet' - probationary or otherwise - it would be inappropriate for me to be able to make use of the new furniture but that rather it should be reserved exclusively for Her use. Owner has kindly agreed. Instead, i am, from now onwards, only allowed to sit on the 'dog mat' which we purchased from Ikea to go in front of the fire, though as i hope you'll agree from the photo it is a very fine mat!
After months of having builders semi-permanently camped in our flat followed by weeks of decorating and sorting out the chaos and the mess left behind, Owner and i finally have our lives back! During the period of the building works (new bathroom and lounge) our lives didn't just go on hold but almost went into reverse. No longer was i able to serve Owner as She expected and wanted nor was i able to be the submissive i wanted or to serve Her completely. However, finally this weekend we were actually able to do something unique, namely spend time together and not just clean, paint etc. Though there was still some of that.

We have agreed that i can re-start my pet probationary period starting from today and so my development is well and truly back on. i'm back in chastity (sorry i forgot to update the counter but the device has been off for about 2 months) and i've even got a new chain to wear permanently slung between my nipple piercings. It has left them delightfully sore and me very horny and happy!

However, the period wasn't all bad. It has left us both with a wonderful looking flat and i was even able to make use of some of the leftover planks of wood by fashioning a cock-torture device for Owner to use. We haven't tried it out yet but it looks suitably evil! Will upload some photos this weekend.

Sorry this has been the first post in ages but we were both so drained and miserable with the building works that neither of us really felt in the mood. However, now we can re-start our Femdom relationship in earnest and my development too. i promise to be updating more frequently again now!


As you can see, Owner and i have been making the most of the heavy snow in London!
Yesterday Owner booked us both into a wonderful boutique hotel in Clerkenwell called The Rookery as the final treat for my birthday. The hotel is a wonderful Eighteenth Century building next door to Smithfield market and is a really delightful place. Needless to say, Owner had a number of additional 'treats' in mind for our stay!

Having released me from chastity yesterday Owner decided that it was time to torment my testicles and penis so after first giving me a good spanking and caning She then proceeded to secure me to the four poster bed like thus:

With my hands, ankles and even my nipples (they're pierced) tied to the frame of the bed Owner proceeded to attach tiny clothes pegs to my testicles and penis before getting out her short riding crop and administering a sustained assault on my privates! More pegs were soon added along with a set of japanese clover clamps which were attached to each testicle and pulled tight. The pain was wonderfully exhilirating and i was soon fully immersed in a sea of painful ecstasy. Owner continued Her assault with the crop this time striking my nipples and pulling the ropes tighter through my piercings before turning her attention once more to my clamped testes, striking them, fondling them and starting to masturbate me. It wasn't long before i could hear strange disconnected moaning sounds and realised they were coming from me. Owner continued Her torment by simultaneously masturbating me and spanking my testicles, until finally giving me permission to orgasm for the first time in nearly a month. As i lay there spent and shivering from the intensity of the experience Owner untied me, removed the pegs (OWWW!) and then held me tight whilst i swooned in deep subspace.

Later that evening i took Owner out for a meal to a nearby Italian restaurant. i wore my new blouse, full make-up and collar and must have been the proudest person there. It's so wonderful to dress up for Her and openly display my collar in public.

The following morning after breakfast Owner tried out Her new Masters Sex Sling. As i am about as flexible as a plank of wood this really is a great device which enables Owner to keep me held open and apart as She thrusts inside me, whilst i can rock up and down on the length of Owners 'shaft'. Owner satiated Herself on the vibration mode of Her strapon before masturbating me to my second orgasm in less than 12 hours! Needless to say afterwards She instructed me to go back into chastity as i'd had more than enough pleasure for a while.

Such weekends with Owner are times we both enjoy immensely, they are an opportunity to forget the world and connect in our own special way. It was a wonderful way to end my birthday month. i am truly blessed to be able to share my life with such a wonderful person.
Having been locked inside my CB-3000 for nearly 4 weeks, during which time the device was removed only for cleaning purposes, Owner instructed me after last nights supervised shower not to put the device back on. For people who have not regularly worn a chastity device my reaction to this instruction might come as a surprise. Instead of being happy at this news i became slightly sullen and moody. i had not intended to react this way and am ashamed that i did and will be rightly punished by Owner for behaving so. But, there is no getting away from it, react this way i did.

i have realised, having discussed my reaction with Owner, that i had come to start to use the device as something of a psychological crutch. It made me feel 'safe' and, i believed (and still do for that matter) that it helped me to become a better submissive by concentrating my energies and efforts on pleasing Owner. What do i mean by this? Well for starters what i don't mean is that i suddenly had a frantic desire to masturbate! i have never subscribed to the idea that a sub cannot exercise enough self-control and discipline that they cannot be relied upon to not masturbate and need to wear a chastity device in order to be forcibly prevented from doing so. This may be true for some but is not the case with me. So no, i was not suddenly gripped with a feverish desire to masturbate! Rather, and this surprised me, i have realised that i had started to come to associate my wearing of the chastity device with my ability to perform the tasks and duties to a standard my Owner expects of me. In short, i feared that in a non-chaste state i might somehow become less submissive. This may sound silly, and i know now that it is, but that is what put me into a mood last night.

The other thing is that it is not like chastity was a new state for me. i have been kept in and out of chastity for going on about 2 years now. The only difference is that this was one of the longest 'stretches' i had been kept so locked up for. Most times i'm locked for a period of around two weeks. So nearly 4 weeks was something of a longer duration, and me being a stupid male had started to see the whole thing as something of a personal challenge i.e. what might my 'personal best' being locked up be? 6 weeks? Maybe a couple of months? So aanother aspect of my reaction was a silly disappointment that i hadn't been locked for longer! In other words, my reaction was in part due to a selfish feelign of a challenge thwarted. How silly is that?!

Owner and i discussed my reaction this morning and She has rightly stated that my submission to Her and service to Her should be exactly the same whether i am in chastity or not. In addition, as my Owner, it is entirely upto Her to decide if She does or does not want me in chastity. Furthermore, i will just have to exercise the self-discipline She expects of me to ensure that i do not accidentally orgasm during any subsequent play unless She has explicitly santioned it.

My conclusion to all this is that without realising it i had allowed chastity to become a psychological crutch and like all such crutches it needs to be broken. Realising it had become such a crutch is the first stage in breaking it. None of this means that Owner will not be instructing me back into chastity at some time in the future for a duration of her choosing, rather it means that i need to realise that my submission to Her should be total at all times irrespective of whether i happen to be 'locked-up' at the time or not.

Meanwhile, Owner has booked us both into a hotel this weekend for a night of fun and debauchery which i am greatly looking forward to! Owner is expecting me to behave as Her perfect pet slut, and i being the slut i am am eager to demonstrate just how slutty i can be! LOL Owner has purchased a 'Masters Sling' which She is eager to try out, as am i! And of course, now that i do not have the plastic cage to protect me i will be fully exposed and at Owners mercy if She brings along the little metal clothes pegs and their sharp bitey teeth. i just hope the room is sound proof!

Have a good weekend all
When Owner first moved in with me, almost two years ago now, we quickly both realised that neither of us wanted a 'normal' relationship with a little BDSM thrown-in. Rather, what we wanted to strive towards was a Female-led relationship. Around that time i spent a fair amount of time researching blogs, websites and books on the subject to try and establish some sense of how such a Female-led relationship might practicably work. Of course, i was, as i now realise, going about this entirely the wrong way! The essence of the relationship that would work for us would be decided and developed by Owner What i should have been doing was to really think through the things that Owner did as part of Her own routine and activities and try to see how i could take on some of these duties and activities for Her, to give Her more time to relax. In short, i'd overlooked the essential element of any Female-led relationship - namely it's not what others do or the fantasies i, as a submissive, may have, but is about what my Owner would like and how i might make Her life more comfortable. Owner does indulge me by playing with and torturing me, but this is when She wants to.

Anyway, i digress. As i was saying i realised that i had gone about things the wrong way. However, reading about how other such couples in Female-led relationships structured their lives and the routines they had developed was still extremely helpful. It gave me some ideas of things that might please Owner if i incorporated them into my daily schedule as well as a sense of what to strive towards. The following, therefore, is really written with the thought of me as i was two years ago in mind. It is my daily routine and i write it in the hope that it may be of some use/interest to another newby sub just starting their own Female-led relationship in sparking some ideas or thoughts about ways they too could serve their own Dominant Female. However, before i go on to outline my routine i should say from the outset that this is merely what works for us, others will and should develop their own routines that best suit their own relationships. i should also say that i am conscious that i still have an awful lot of training and development ahead of me (a lifetimes worth) if i am ever to hope to begin to serve my Owner in the manner in which She truly deserves. But this is where i am now in my development. Hopefully in my next 6 monthly appraisal and contract review (due imminently) Owner will grant me some additional duties and activities to further develop my training.

Anyway, enough waffling! The following is my daily (weekday) routine, which as i said earlier, i hope might be of some use/interest to other males or their Female Dommes just starting out to develop their own Female-led relationship.

06.00: Wake up - put on collar and cuffs and skimpy dressing-gown
06.05-06.30: Prepare Owners breakfast and my own. All my own meals are eaten from a dog bowl - though normally i am allowed to eat at the table. Wash-up dishes and put away.
06.30-06.35: Put out food on bird table (my neighbours must certainly chuckle if they see me - shackled and dressed in a skimpy dressing gown and heels wandering around the garden at this time of day!) + feed goldfish in aquariums
06.35-07.15: Put Owners mobile onto charge. Prepare Owners packed lunch for work then my own. Make bed and clean toilet and bathroom sink when Owner has finished in bathroom. Ensure Owner has a book to read for Her journey to work.
07.15: Kiss Owner goodbye.
07.15-08.30: Text owner to advise what knickers i will be wearing that day under my work clothes and receive any instructions i may have from Her. Think about what to make for dinner in evening and ensure we have the ingredients. Log onto internet and check emails etc. Have shower, shave and get dressed. Do some hoovering or other light cleaning. Check flat looks relatively tidy and things are put away. Update submission diary and journal.
08.30ish: Remove collar and cuffs and depart for work
Lunchtime: Get any shopping we may need
18.30ish: Return from work. Greet Owner by kneeling before Her and kissing her feet. Make Owner a cup of tea.
18.45ish: Put on make-up and feminine clothes to look pretty for Owner. Put collar and cuffs back on.
19.00 - 19.45: Start preparing dinner, my own served as usual in a dog bowl. Chat to Owner then wash-up and put dishes away.
19.45-21.30: Do some cleaning in the flat, prepare any stocks etc that we may need for forthcoming meals, do some clothes washing if needed. Be at Owners disposal if required. Supervised removal of chastity device for cleaning if needed etc.
21.30-22.00: Lick/suck Owners feet clean and give Owner a foot massage.
22.00: Snuggle up together in bed.

Weekends are similar except that neither of us need to work, i get to dress en femme all day (at home and outside) and wear nail polish and we have time to do the things we both enjoy. Others little things that i try to ensure i now always do/offer are to get fresh flowers for the flat on a weekly basis and give Owner a weekly pedicure.

Whether or not any of the above is of interest/use to anyone else i don't know. i just know that it was just this sort of information/ideas i was searching for two years ago when we first started out on our Female-led relationship and so hope it may be of some interest to someone?