Owner and i have finally had an opportunity to test out a couple of the new toys that i got for Her as part of Her Christmas present, specifically Her new thick smoked dragon cane from Jack's Floggers and the anal impaler from Extreme Restraints.

The dragon cane is a wonderful piece of craftsmanship which i had arranged for Owner's name to be engraved on the end of the handle on a little brass plate - it really looks lovely. The cane is thicker than the one Owner usually uses and so she warmed me up first with some light spanking and flogging before starting out gently with the cane. After a few practice strikes Owner soon had the feel for Her new toy which delivers a meatier blow than Her other cane and soon had my buttocks glowing with little red stripes and your truly breathing deeply as i processed each blow. Owner says i have what She describes as a 'leather bottom', meaning i do not bruise easily...though i have a feeling that with a little more force the dragon cane will soon be leaving a more lasting impression. However, this was Owners first use of Her new toy and she was relatively gentle, leaving only light welts. i was rewarded by Owner inserting the vibrating inflatable butt-plug (what a wonderful invention that is), having my testicles spanked and then being granted permission to lick Owners anus whilst she pleasured Herself...still with the butt plug purring away deep inside me. A wonderful but frustating experience as i was, of course, locked safely in chastity throughout.

The anal impaler was utilised in the session that followed. It took a while for us to find a dildo that fitted, not all do as on some their base is too flared whilst others are too thick - however, we found one eventually! Owner attached the dildo and then secured my ankles to the base of the device with rope. And there i was - impaled on a dildo and with no chance of escape! With me safely secured Owner attached the tower of pain nipple clamps (which work best when i am stood up) and then left me like that blindfolded whilst She went to do something. Upon Owners return she proceeded to cane my nipples, buttocks and testicles...each time i flinched i could feel the dildo inside me....though not unpleasant after a while it's certainly not comfortable - something which meets with Owners approval. This is, afterall, supposed to be about Her pleasure not mine. To ram home this point Owner released me from the impaler and had me go on all fours on the bed where She proceeded to fuck my now wet 'pussy' with her strapon. Owner switched it to vibrate and rode me hard until She came, leaving me breathing hard and once again horny and frustrated inside my chastity device.

So, two great toys and some more still to play with...this eager slut can't wait!


helpmate hubby said...

Hi love the blog, you can never go wrong when reading about an "anal impaler." Chastity is also a big interest of mine and i wish you well with it.

Poppet Subslut said...

Helpmate hubby - LOL. Thanks for the comment

Miss Honey said...

What lovely new toys you have. As well used as those rubber bands and hairbrush.

I love the idea of the impaler. The mental image of you bound that way was so very nice.

Glad I found your blog... sexy.

Poppet Subslut said...

Thank you Miss Honey for your kind words