After months of having builders semi-permanently camped in our flat followed by weeks of decorating and sorting out the chaos and the mess left behind, Owner and i finally have our lives back! During the period of the building works (new bathroom and lounge) our lives didn't just go on hold but almost went into reverse. No longer was i able to serve Owner as She expected and wanted nor was i able to be the submissive i wanted or to serve Her completely. However, finally this weekend we were actually able to do something unique, namely spend time together and not just clean, paint etc. Though there was still some of that.

We have agreed that i can re-start my pet probationary period starting from today and so my development is well and truly back on. i'm back in chastity (sorry i forgot to update the counter but the device has been off for about 2 months) and i've even got a new chain to wear permanently slung between my nipple piercings. It has left them delightfully sore and me very horny and happy!

However, the period wasn't all bad. It has left us both with a wonderful looking flat and i was even able to make use of some of the leftover planks of wood by fashioning a cock-torture device for Owner to use. We haven't tried it out yet but it looks suitably evil! Will upload some photos this weekend.

Sorry this has been the first post in ages but we were both so drained and miserable with the building works that neither of us really felt in the mood. However, now we can re-start our Femdom relationship in earnest and my development too. i promise to be updating more frequently again now!