It's Friday afternoon and the weekend has started. Owner and i have a whole 48 hours ahead of us to enjoy, have fun, be silly and live our lives as we love to without the inconvenience of work etc. Of course, i will be 'working' though i never regard the duties that i undertake for Owner as being 'work'. Cooking, cleaning and other domestic 'chores' (as i would once have regarded them) have come to be not only routine but enjoyable activities that i love to undertake in the service of my Owner. It is now at the point where i do not just feel guilty if i know some domestic duty i'm supposed to have completed has not been done, i actually miss the activity itself. My mother would be amazed! Of course, it is not that i find cleaning per se to be enjoyable! Rather it is the knowledge that these are things i am expected and desire to do in the service to my Owner turns a previously mundane activity into an enjoyable one. These activities have become an integral part of our relationship and of my submission to Owner. Thus, what were once 'chores' have actually become a celebration of my love for and devotion to my Owner. Some people travel thousands of miles on a pilgrimage in an act of devotion to their god, i hoover the flat in devotion to my Goddess!

Of course, there is though one important difference (i assume?). Namely, i don't imagine that many pilgrims get a sexual kick out of their efforts, whereas i do.

But i digress. As i was saying, the weekend is upon us and that means time spent with Owner and time spent with Her is the best time there is. All week i can feel the prospect of the weekend building inside me. i yearn for it to be here, spend my time wishing it were here. We do of course see each other all the time during the week, but work always gets in the way. We are forced apart during the day and have little time to enjoy just being us. But the weekend is different. It is Owners time to dictate the pace and agenda of the day, it is our time for fun and play. And the closer it gets the more excited i become and the hornier i get. By Friday i am moist with anticipation, fantasising constantly at the thought of being fucked by and pleasuring Owner.

It is a delicious time, a day of intense burning desire, of being unable to concentrate as the memory of the crop and cane, knickers pulled down, of nipples flushed sore and hot, face down, legs spread, breathing slowly...deeply, of strange discordant noises, Her hands on my hips, nails sunk in flesh, Her voice calling to me 'my slut, my slut', clenching and unclenching around Her, the motor pulsating through me, deeper, deeper a final gasp.... spent beside me She lies whilst i wrap my tongue around Her, sucking hard whilst my 'pussy' blinks its silent o around the memory of Her inside me, like a child i return to Her breast, Her fingers in my hair, we lie.

Of these i dream throughout the day as the Friday hunger builds inside me.