What a wonderful weekend Owner and i have had. The weather has been lousy for the time of year, wet and very windy and so neither of us has really ventured outside the flat. Instead, Saturday found me in the kitchen making stews and baking biscottis and bread sticks for Owner. It is a while since i have done any baking and it was great to be able to get back doing something i love and which Owner enjoys consuming.

In the afternoon Owner had me tied down to the bed, nipples and testicles clamped and flogged before She sat astride me and had me orally pleasure Her whilst she pulled hard on the chain attached to me nipple clamps. It was a wonderful treat to be able to pleasure Owner this way. But the treats were not over for the day. In the evening i was allowed to watch the Eurovision Song Contest with Owner. This is an annual treat for me - how sad i am!

Today the weather was no better than yesterday. After a long lie-in together Owner advised me that it was time for my weekly caning. She began by spanking and flogging me whilst i lay prostrate across the bed before administering a sound caning. You can see the results of Owners handiwork below;
Caning over Owner then positioned me on the bed with my ankles up around Her head in Her Mistress sling before fucking me hard with Her strapon. It is a wonderful position to be taken by Owner in as i can watch Her face and see the pleasure in Her eyes as She satisfies Herself. As usual i was in chastity but to be honest i derive more pleasure from my Owners pleasure than i ever did from my own. We lay side by side for a while, me deeply aroused, before Owner allowed me to masturbate Her and taste Her with my fingers. It was simply divine and again left me horny and wonderfully aroused.

We then talked about our relationship and how happy we both our. i told Owner how i had never been happier in my life and how i would love to be able to come still further under Her control. Owner said that She enjoyed the fact that we both live together within a constant D/s reality. The extent varies depending on what we are doing and where we are but it is a constant with our lives. Owner enjoys the fact that i have my little routines of service and submission and that these have become just an everyday part of our lives. There is no getting into or coming out of role for us, it is a constant within our relationship. Owner also said how much She enjoys using Her strapon on me, which i adore to....being quite the little slut i am!

Owner also said She is happy with me as a transvestite. i was quite surprised at my reaction when Owner said this because i still don't refer to myself as a transvestite, which is stupid as i so clearly am one. i am happy being a dressed up and looking pretty and going out in make-up and women's clothes, though so far this has never extended to me wearing skirts when we go out (something i always do at home). It is profoundly reassuring to hear Owner say that She was happy with me being a transvestite and hearing Her say that makes me feel confident and comfortable to use the term myself in future. Owner also knows that this is an area in which, should She wish to, She could push me further and have me further feminised.

When eventually we did get up Owner switched on the internet to listen to football whilst i dusted and hoovered in the flat. i've said to Owner in the past that i'd love to be Her housewife, but i gues in many ways that is already what i am. i'm Owners little transvestite slut who is at his happiest cooking, cleaning and pleasuring his Owner and striving to become a better submissive for Her. In short, i am living the dream with a wonderful lover, partner, best friend and Owner and it is fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Dear Poppet,
let me thank you and your Owner for sharing your experiences with us. I love reading your adventures and occasionally fantasize wildly partaking in your games as a second slave... I love the idea of being dominated, I am also a great slut and cocksucker when my mistress demands it as well as a convenient piss pot for her. It is very often when we are out clubbing that she needs to go and there is a line at the WC. This is where I come extremely handy... or should I say potty... Does your Owner please you by entrusting you to fulfil toilet duties? Is it something that turns you on?
Greetings from Greece
dimitris her slave

Happy pet said...


Thanks for your comment. Owner has never yet asked me to drink Her wine though it is something i have fantasised about and She is aware i have had such fantasies.

Owner does, however, make me lap up my own semen on the occasions that She allows me to cum or when i am milked.


Mistress160 said...

So happy for you both :)