One of the things that i enjoy the most is being used by my Owner as Her personal sex toy. After i had prepared our dinner last night and finished the washing up Owner led me into the bedroom, instructed me to lie face down and then warmed my backside with a spanking. She then proceeded to finger fuck my 'pussy' before inserting the inflatable butt plug and pumping it up. Owner then lifted my waist so that she could press her crotch against the base of the plug and began to grind Herself against me, turning the vibrator of the plug on as She did and using me to masturbate Herself against.

Needless to say the action caused me to be milked whilst Owner rode me to Her own orgasm. After licking up my mess we snuggled up together in bed again. It is wonderful to be useful!

Then this morning, after preparing Owners breakfast, we again returned to bed. This time Owner had me on all fours on the bed, nipples clamped and having me finger-fuck my own pussy whilst She rested Her feet on my back and pleasured Herself with Her vibrator. Once again the pleasure i derive from assisting my Owner achieve her own satisfaction is wonderful.