A few months ago i was declared the winner of the 'Burlesque' competition on the Forced Feminisation group run by Mistress 160 on MyDungeonSpace.com One of the 3 judges was Miss Bonnie who runs Collar N Cuffs.com and she kindly sent me a beautiful basque as a prize. i agreed, with prompting from my Owner, that i should wear the basque at some prominent London landmarks, namely;

1) Nelsons Column
2) Tower Bridge
3) St Mary's Axe (aka 'the gherkin')

Anyway, finally after months of not being able to do anything at weekends apart from decorating, Owner and i got a chance to go out and about in town today. As a result, i was able to complete my basque wearing challenge. See photos below;

In front of Nelson's Column

Tower Bridge

St Mary's Axe

Thank you to Mistress 160, Miss Bonnie and of course my wonderful Owner and accomplice!


Mistress160 said...

Oh this is just magic! What a great finish to the contest. I enjoyed this soooo much!

Owner and poppet, may I have your permission to copy this whole post into the contest thread, so that contest followers can read and see everything?

MissBonnie said...

*hugest grins*

poppet you look amazing as always. I'm so happy owner instructed you to do this task. Oh how I miss London, the images brought back wonderful memories...thank you both.

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160 - thank you and as ever it would be an honour

Miss Bonnie - yes it's a great town and thank you too for a wonderful corset and a great opportunity to do some sightseeing!

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