Owner has pointed out to me on numerous occasions that after i have finished washing up i must make sure that there are no stray pieces of food left over in the sink trap. Unfortunately, and despite having the error of my ways pointed out to me on more than one occasion, the other night Owner once again found a couple of bits of food from the dirty dishes lodged in the sink after i'd washed up. Owner rightly decided that enough was enough and that i needed punishing to mend my ways.

Thus it was that last night i presented myself to my Owner to receive my punishment. This was to consist of my cleaning the sink using just the tip of my finger whilst my testicles were adorned with 20 mini metal pegs and my nipples clamped with the clover clamps with weights hung from the chain between them. It took about 20 minutes for me to thoroughly clean all of the sink, all the while Owner caressed and spanked my clamped testicles and took great delight in swinging the weights attached to my nipple clamps. The end result was very sore nipples and testicles and a gleaming sink. After completing the punishment i mentally tried to prepare myself for the removal of the pegs. This is the part i hate the most, i'd far rather leave them in place and these little metal pegs are the worst of the lot. i'd deliberately picked these ones to wear (instead of the milder wooden ones) in an effort to please Owner and make ammends for my failure to clean the sink. However, Owner had another idea. She instructed me to go to the bedroom, prepare my pussy and wait for Her on all fours on the bed - still with the clamps and weights in place.

i waddled down the corridor to the bedroom (walking with 20 pegs on your testicles and weights swinging from your nipples is not easy!), clambered onto the bed, lubed myself so that i was wet and open and awaited Owner. It wasn't long before She was kneeling behind me, hands placed on my hips and then thrusting deep inside me. As Owners 'cock' pumped inside me She grabbed and pulled the clamps on my nipples and roughly caressed my still clamped testicles.

My nipples and testicles were on fire but i didn't care, the pain overwhelmed by my insatiable desire to be fucked harder and harder. Owner switched on the bullet inside Her 'cock', grabbed my hips and banged out an orgasm for Herself. i could hear the metal pegs on my testicles clattering against the plastic of my chastity device as Owner bucked inside me. At that moment i was in slut heaven.

Then Owner reached round and pulled off my nipple clamps. The pain was intense but as nothing compared to when She then rolled me on my back and started removing the clamps from my testicles. i had to stuff the pillow in my mouth to prevent me crying out!

4 hours later and my nipples still feel deliciously sore!