Owner has advised me that i will get the results of my tests tomorrow so i shall just have to wait a little longer. As She has rightly reminded me, i need to be patient....not something i'm that good at being!

However, i am trying to use this time constructively and a train journey to Sheffield today for an utterly pointless work meeting provided an opportunity to come up with some additional duties that i could incorporate into my daily routine. The things i came up with are as follows;

1 - To prepare Owners toothbrush each morning and night to ensure it has toothpaste on it ready for Her to use.
2 - To bring Owner the cordless telephone each evening so that She might make Her calls without having to get up to find the phone. Then for me to replace the phone in its charge at the end of the evening.
3 - When at home to always be the one who answers the door for deliveries, meter readers etc, irrespective of what i am wearing, how much make-up i have on etc at the time.
4 - To provide Owner with a nightly foot bath/soak in addition to Her nightly foot massage.
5 -To be responsible for ensuing Owner is kept constantly supplied with Her favourite moisturisers etc (incidentally these are 'La Source' from Crabtree and Evelyn... in case you're wondering!)
6 - Likewise to ensure Owner is always supplied with other products She regularly uses and is never left in a situation when these have run-out at home.
7 - At restaurants to always pull out Owners chair for Her to sit down before sitting down myself.

i've shown the above suggestions to Owner and She seems to like them so now i shall have to start remembering to put the into practice and/or incorporate them into my routine as appropriate.


SBMasterX said...

I like your suggestion regarding the door answering. However, since that will become your responsibility, you should always be dressed to answer the door, since it is ill-mannered to answer the door half-naked. If that means you be required to wear, say, a mini-skirt and tube top, or something a little more conservative, if your Mistress so desires.

I think this type of requirement would go well with your relationship and in fulfilling your desires to take on demands for your Owner.

Mistress160 said...

Your comments about your own (pointless lol) business travel reminded me of something I wanted to ask you:

How do you cope with your daily duties when you are extremely tired? At the moment sol is working very long hours, an hour's drive from home. He's sometimes not home until 8pm.

But if I let things lapse on the D/s front to give him some "off time" he'll say something like "I miss the queening we were going to do every day ... it gave me something to look forward to on the drive home at night", and I'll realize I've been looking at things the wrong way again!

Happy pet said...

SBMasterX - thank you for your comment and Owner would agree with you entirely on the need for me to exercise some decorum and modesty when answering the door. Thus, i will always be appropriately attired even if this means a slight delay whilst i find a skirt or something to put on.

Mistress 160 - i know exactly where Sol is coming from. There ARE times when i simply run out of day and so cannot undertake or complete all of my expected duties. However, most of the time i manage to get them done. Unlike Sol i'm normally back by about 6.30 so that leaves me plenty of time after i've done dinner to do what is needed.

However, there are occasions when Owner will give me the evening off or say that She wants me to stay with Her. On those occasions it does feel somewhat strange and i do feel 'guilty' knowing that there are things i have not done. The worst though is when we have family to stay and i have to be completely 'normal' though it does mean i get to show-off my culinary abilities.

i guess as with any routine, once it has become established then any disturbance to the routine feels strange.