Ever since i was a child i have been extremely ticklish and the knowledge of just how ticklish i am is something that Owner delights in exploiting. Many is the evening when, just after getting into bed after massaging Owners feet, i am thrown into panic by Her words 'immobilise the victim and....tickle 1, tickle 2...' as i frantically squirm and wriggle! Give me a sound caning any day.

Well yesterday Owner texted me whilst i was at work to say She had a surprise for me, but that in order to receive it i had to agree to receive 100 tickles and was i up for it? Of course i had to say yes. So last night found me on the bed squirming frantically, laughing manically, trying not to pee my pants whilst counting 100 tickles being delivered with relish by Owner. Needless to say, i was laughing/crying so much i kept losing track of the number of tickles i'd received so in total i'm sure it was many more than 100. At the end it was all worth it though when Owner presented me with my surprise - a lovely set of glittery eye liner and mascara to wear for my next performances for Her together with some stick on body jewels. i really am fortunate to have an Owner who gets me such beautiful gifts.


JeanieLoveJones said...

ooo that's nice!!

i think i'll tell Mistress about this, for She also luvs tickling me, just last night She had fun, testing how fast i would pull away while She tells me not to,... but can't help it! lol

What performances? private ones?


Happy pet said...

Hi Jeannie, yes just private shows for Owner.


Mistress160 said...

You really are such a tart!!

Happy pet said...