Owner has recently taken up yoga and seems to greatly enjoy going to Her classes. It certainly seems to have increased Her flexibility. i, on the other hand, remain as inflexible as ever! i've never been very flexible, even at school i was unable to sit cross-legged during assemblies. However, what flexibility i did have seems to gradually diminish every year.

Owner and i were discsussing this when Owner suddenly had a lightbulb moment and announced that what was needed were yoga lessons for subs. 'Just imagine the interesting positions you could get into' She said. My imagination needed no encouragement on this one as i pictured myself in sort of 'begging puppy' (OK so i made that up) or whatever it was position, worshipping my very own Goddess.

Mind you, the above Extended Puppy position DOES look interesting! Owner has pointed out that The Plow (see below) is also full of possibilities!

However, a quick google search by Owner showed that someone had beat Her to it with Her idea, there is indeed a yoga teacher who offers yoga lessons especially for bondage and submissives. However, these take place on the other side of the world from us and i still reckon that Owner could be onto something here. Even i would give yoga a try if it was advertised as teaching positions and flexibility of especial interest to submissive sluts! i think i'll have to ask Owner nicely if She can start to instruct me.


Daily Dose of Fantasy said...

it’s true that promiscuity is different for men than it is for women, and there is no reason for this to be true. However, you say that since promiscuity is ok for men, it should also be ok for women. When, in fact, you could just as well take the opposite position: since promiscuity is not ok for women, it should not be ok for men either.