The past couple of days have seen me at home whilst Owner has been having to go into work. i discovered that i had accrued quite a bit of unspent leave at work and, rather than lose it, have booked some time off to be Owners little housewife. Yes, whilst Owner has been slaving away at Her job i've been swanning about the flat, cleaning the windows, doing some high dusting, washing net curtains, trimming hedges in the garden and making soups in the kitchen. i have to confess it has been wonderful. i really could get used to being at home all the time! i do feel guilty though that Owner has been having to work whilst i have had the past few days off.

The other piece of good news is that my new 'Friday' bras have finally arrived, well they actually arrived about two weeks ago but the sizes inside the box did not correspond with the size i'd ordered (34A if you're curious) and had to be sent back...only to then get caught up in a postal strike! Honestly, i wish they'd sort their disputes our without strikes, don't they know that there are people waiting for important items of lingerie to arrive! Anyway, the bras arrived today which means that tomorrow will be the first Friday of the rest of my life when i shall be expected to wear a bra all day...and from next week this means all day at work too! i'm secretly thrilled though a tad nervous as well.

Oh, and i've just discovered that next week is national wearing stockings to work week! i'm now just hoping that Owner lets me wear a pair, it would be great to go in on Friday wearing both a bra AND matching stockings.