Friday....needed to pop along to a video shoot in East London as part of the latest Corporate 'promo' film they are doing for the organisation i work for. Of course, Fridays are bra and knickers day so.... guess what....? They'll never know (unless of course they look in here)
i'm so sorry that it has been such a while since i last posted an update, the past few weeks have been increasingly mental at work and as a consequence i have become what Owner succinctly but accurately describes as a PCP (pretty crappy pet). i'm not sure what it is about the autumn but it does seem to be like this every year.

However, despite my inability to serve Owner of late as She rightly expects we have nonetheless managed to snatch some days of fun here and there. For our anniversary we went back to the hotel at the station we first kissed, as we do every year, and booked ourselves in for a decadent night. Owner had me complete a mini-slut challenge and alo used the opportunity for some good 'ol simple and effective nipple torture with a pair of chopsticks and some laces. As you can see from the image below i do so adore this;

You can also just about make ou the new belly chain that Owner bought me as a present and which i absolutely adore, i am such a spoilt pet at times!!!

We also went walking the other weekend in Kent along part of the Pilgrims Trail to Canterbury. The countryside was beautiful and the weather fine and we had a great time. As you would expect though, we were entertaining ouselves with a few 'challenges for the pet' along the way.
This time though we managed not to do so as other walkers passed by, unlike in Norway, which was a relief.

So once again, sorry for the lack of posts of late and a big and heartfelt apology to my Owner too for having been such a crappy pet of late.