The following is a picture of my wonderful Owner taken just before i presented myself for a clit inspection this afternoon.

Owner required that i remove my chastity device under Her supervision and then present myself in the bedroom for Her pleasure and inspection wearing just knicker, bra and stockings. Owner immediately had me lie down on the bed and instructed me to play with my nipples whilst She threaded two chop-sticks through the my nipple rings and began to twist and twist, and pull and twist some more. The pain was intense and i was soon moaning loudly.

Once Owner had watched me massage my nipples for a bit as She slowly and deliberately tortured them She then had me lube my clit and massage it until it was as hard as my nipples, which were sticking out like bullets at this point. Owner then instructed me to lube my pussy and had me fuck myself with my fingers whilst fellating Her cock as She tortured my nipples some more. Finally, Owner instructed me to masturbate my clit whilst fucking my pussy at the same time. i frantically rubbed up and down on my lubed, swollen clit whilst most of my other hand pushed in and out of my pussy, as i moaned and begged Owner for permission to cum. My request was granted and i was soon sticky with cum whilst moaning and panting wildly.

Owner says that She loves to have me act as a whore for Her and that She may request that i fuck my own pussy on a regular basis for Her amusement. After Owner finished She had me position myself for a few photographs, one of which is now at the top of the blog with a shot of me fellating the bed dildo whilst tied up and another below of me in my red heels.

Owner and i have discussed for some time now the idea of me wearing a pemanent nipple chain or pendant from my nipple rings. i love the idea of having something permanently hanging from my piercings that i can wear at all times, work included, and which will be constantly tugging gently on my nipples. Just the thought of this makes my nipples pulse and sends lovely sensations through me.

Wearing such jewellery without having the option to remove (without considerable difficulty) will also help serve to constantly remind me (along with my tattoos, chastity device and Ownership tag and necklace) that i am my Owners property and also that i am a cross-dressing slut. Which of course i am!

Anyway, this lunchtime Owner came up trumps whilst doing some internet research whilst i was depilating in the shower. i think they look absolutely beautiful, and so appropriate!

It's such a simple but clever design too, they just replace the normal ball in my existing nipple rings. If anyone else would like some (and they have lots of designs to choose from) then click on this link to Taj Arts

Needless to say i have ordered one for each nipple ring and can't now wait until they arrive in order to start wearing my beautiful new nipple jewellery!

Did the BDSM quiz this morning flagged up on Mistress Lisa's blog page, the quiz itself can be found here

Unsurprisingly i came out as being a submissive who also likes degradation and exhibitionism :o) - obviously some mistake!, see below;

"You Scored as Submissive



Degradation Lover


Exhibitionist / Voyeur






Last night Owner advised me that She expected Her whore to strip naked, save for my panties which were to be around my knees, and present myself in Her kitchen straight after work for a pussy inspection. Needless to say the day couldn't pass fast enough as i counted down the hours waiting for home time.

Well...what can i say? Owner left me litterally shaking with frustrated pleasure, nipples engorged, swollen and sore from clamping, pulling, twisting and stretching and a pussy that remains red hot with pleasure even as i write this (though it does have the delicious comfort of having a large butt plug in situ). Owner had me sat down on the chair legs spread so that She could have fun using my exposed nipples and chastised clit, including a bit of ice play. After amusing Herself in this manner for a while whilst i begged Her to be played with harder and fucked like a slut, Owner had me bend over the kitchen table. Owner then proceeded to finger and then full hand fuck my pussy, stretching it wide, before expanding it further with an inflatable dildo.

Once my pussy was well and truly sopping wet Owner fucked me with Her strapon whilst i fellated another cock. The inspection left me more frustratedly aroused than i could possibly imagine and begging and pleading with Owner for Her to continue...which of course She did not.

What a delightful way to start the weekend!

The other day i came back from work to find Owner rigging up what has proved to be a wonderful accessory for Her bed. Owner was attaching a dildo to the frame of the foot of the bed (see below);

The dildo is a perfect height and Owner has ensured i have thoroughly tested it. When Owner is fucking me from behind She has me fellate the 'cock' as She thrusts. i'm tring to learn how to deepthroat it but think it may take a bit more practice (grin!). This morning Owner released me from chastity and then had me back-up against the cock and fuck myself on it whilst She knelt in front of me and pleasured Herself with Her vibrator and i sucked and worshipped on Her breasts. The cock is small enough to easily slide into my 'pussy' without any prior stretching and i was soon fucking myself hard whilst sucking and licking Owners breasts.

After having satiated Herself Owner then allowed me to play with my temporarily un-chastised clit and bring myself to a groaning, slutty orgasm as i bucked up and down on the cock in my pussy.

What a wonderful accessory for a bed!
Owner has started to compile a list of 'Real Whore Rules' for me. i will update these as i receive them on a new list at the side of the blog page. Needless to say i am thrilled, excited and aroused to be thought of by Owner as Her whore!

Meanwhile, today is Friday which means wearing my pretty white bra and panties to work, i always have to wear pretty knickers but on a Friday i am instructed to wear a bra as well, and then in with a butt plug when i get home which is to be worn all evening. Oh, i do look forward to Friday's!
Whilst out shopping today Owner and i noticed a special offer on under-bed shoe storage solutions. So what you may ask?

Well it makes for great under-bed and easily accesible storage for Owner's growing collection of plugs and dildos!

One thing i have noticed over the years in which Owner and i have been living together in a Female-led relationship is the extent to which the degree of my submissive yearnings and desire is affected by the seasons. In short, my submissive nature is at its weakest in the winter time and then starts to build strongly again as the days start to lengthen towards the arrival of Spring.

i've no idea why this should be the case but it does seem to broadly hold true and now i can well and truly feel the sap of submission rising strongly and coursing through my body. Each year the yearning to submit to Owner is stronger than the last but there is always a marked change (for the worse) in my submissive nature in mid-winter compared to the Spring and Summer. This Winter saw me particulalry neglectful of my duties and i know i wasn't the best of subs for Owner at times. The coincidence of this period of Winter 'submissive blues' with a significnt increase in my workload at work didn't help matters.

But now, although work is just as busy and likely to remain so for the rest of the year, i can really feel my submissive desires and yearnings returning with a welcome vengeance. Owner and i were really pleased with how i had progressed in my total submission to Her by last Summer and my only desire now is to be able to swiftly return to that happy state we both so enjoyed. i truly am at my happiest when fully under Owners control and do not want to return to the time just before Xmas when i really wasn't giving anything like of my best. i know my attitude then was a disapointment to Owner and one that made Her sad too as She had fully embraced and was releshing Her role as my full-time Domme and Owner. We both know that it is always going to be a challenge to try to achieve a genuine 24/7 Femdom relationship and that there are bound to be periods when one or both of us finds this hard to achieve in reality.

However, i want more than anything else in the world to submit totally to my wonderful Owner who is my best friend in the world. i just hope that this year will be the breakthrough year that doesn't see me slipping back to some of my old ways and slacking in my duties and total submission to Her.
After a couple of hours spent in the able hands of Gino at Diamond Jack's in Soho i am now the proud wearer of another tattoo from my wonderful Owner. These photos were taken about 3 hours after the tattoo was finished and so my skin is still looking a little on the raw side but we're both absolutely delighted with the results;

For anyone curious about the design the Triskelion at the top of the key design symbolises BDSM and the key itself relates both to my chaste status and its location (on my arse) refers to this being the key to unlocking the slut/whore within me.

Mind you, Owner says She chose it just because it looks pretty!
i am now getting ridiculously excited at the prospect of having my new tattoo done tomorrow afternoon. My work calendar now has the cryptic entry 'appointment' in it so i can get away early and off to the parlour.

Unfortunately, Owner won't be there to watch me having the latest symbol of our relationship added as she has her yoga class but she is looking forward to seeing the results of the tattoists work! Owner has also agreed to me coming out of chastity on a very temporary basis so that i don't shock the tattoist into making any stray marks! She has also commented that She is looking forward to being able to admire Her design made real on my derrier whilst administering a caning - though obviously not until after it has healed.

This will be my fourth tattoo and, even though this one hasn't even been done, i'm already fantasising of getting another....maybe next time on my breast? That's the trouble with them, they're somewhat addictive!
This is just a quick and extremely belated post to say that Owner and i are both very much alive and well and still having fun! Things have been extremely busy with work over the past few months (and look likely to stay that way for some time) and as a result we've had to re-structure our Domme/sub relationship somewhat...but we still play when we get a chance.

We have been having an awful lot of fun with some new dildo's of late, Owner is gradually stretching her pet's 'pussy' and i have been having a great time being stretched! Am such a slut as there is nothing i love more than the feeling of being deliciously and wonderously full. Today Owner whispered to me, whilst fucking me with our new OMG 12in monster strapon, what a 'whore' i was....what better a compliment could one get?

Also this week i get to get my new tattoo as a belated birthday present from Owner to mark (literally) my 40th. We've come up with the design ourselves (see below)

I am to have it added to my left buttock this Thursday afternoon - really excited at the prospect.

Hope all is well with everyone and apologies for the long abscence.