The other day i came back from work to find Owner rigging up what has proved to be a wonderful accessory for Her bed. Owner was attaching a dildo to the frame of the foot of the bed (see below);

The dildo is a perfect height and Owner has ensured i have thoroughly tested it. When Owner is fucking me from behind She has me fellate the 'cock' as She thrusts. i'm tring to learn how to deepthroat it but think it may take a bit more practice (grin!). This morning Owner released me from chastity and then had me back-up against the cock and fuck myself on it whilst She knelt in front of me and pleasured Herself with Her vibrator and i sucked and worshipped on Her breasts. The cock is small enough to easily slide into my 'pussy' without any prior stretching and i was soon fucking myself hard whilst sucking and licking Owners breasts.

After having satiated Herself Owner then allowed me to play with my temporarily un-chastised clit and bring myself to a groaning, slutty orgasm as i bucked up and down on the cock in my pussy.

What a wonderful accessory for a bed!


jeanie the sissy said...

very nice!


Boobie Faggot said...

That is brilliant. Double penetration!!! i absolutely love the idea of fucking myself hard while breast worshipping.