This is just a quick and extremely belated post to say that Owner and i are both very much alive and well and still having fun! Things have been extremely busy with work over the past few months (and look likely to stay that way for some time) and as a result we've had to re-structure our Domme/sub relationship somewhat...but we still play when we get a chance.

We have been having an awful lot of fun with some new dildo's of late, Owner is gradually stretching her pet's 'pussy' and i have been having a great time being stretched! Am such a slut as there is nothing i love more than the feeling of being deliciously and wonderously full. Today Owner whispered to me, whilst fucking me with our new OMG 12in monster strapon, what a 'whore' i was....what better a compliment could one get?

Also this week i get to get my new tattoo as a belated birthday present from Owner to mark (literally) my 40th. We've come up with the design ourselves (see below)

I am to have it added to my left buttock this Thursday afternoon - really excited at the prospect.

Hope all is well with everyone and apologies for the long abscence.



jeanie the sissy said...

And great to hear you're doing well!
Happy belated b-day wishes!


Mistress160 said...

Stunning design :) !

Mistress160 said...

PS: chance and Destiny have a new blog post up, after eight months offline ... you might like to have a look, there are magical photos of their new home.

Happy pet said...

Many thanks Jeannie, 40 years old..well they do say life begins then and it's been pretty good the past few years so who knows what may be to come!!!

Mistress 160 - many thanks. Having it done Thurs and will try to get pictures afterwards to post. Big hug to you and Sol from us both

Mistress160 said...

Looking forward to it ... oh, and please pass on to your lovely lady that I believe you require punishment for the spelling mistake in this blog post's title...

*evil grin*

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160 - many thanks for pointing that out. i have drawn your comment to Owners attention, and await the outcome.

It also transpires that i have been mis-spelling 'absence' all my life....Oooops - Owner is laughing at me as i type, i fear quite a punishment is on the way