Well Owner and i tonight discovered a problem with my birdlocked device when it was removed for cleaning, namely a blister. This appears not to have been caused by any of the spikes but rather by skin getting trapped in one of the air holes. Anyway, suffice to say the device has been removed until the swelling subsides and then we'll try again but using lube and more care with initial positioning of the device. A search on the web suggests a few others have had a similar problem but it's been resolved by lubing the device. Here's hoping.

The real shame though was that after cleaning i was due my regular caning which has now been postponed until tomorrow. i've grown to look forward to these canings and Owner has even progressed to using the crop on my clit and nipples, the latter whilst stretched and tied tightly with cord, as well as the cane and flogger on my derrier. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow!


Aradia said...

I haven't been perusing My favorite blogs lately, but that's changed in the last few days, and I have to tell you that I love the new look of yours. Well done!



Happy pet said...


Many thanks for your kind words.


Mistress160 said...

Do you think we should buy the PICO birdlock? I'm about to, but then read your post and so am back to dithering again!

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160,

Slightly difficult to say for definite. If you're thinking of getting it we've found that the extra holes do cause problems and so will in future just use for occasional weekends or such i.e. not longer-term. An internet search revealed that quite a few have had problems along the lines i had. There is though a new product that we have received details about called the BON4 (see http://www.bon4.co.uk/chastitydevice/). We haven't yet tried but seems to avoid the problem of the pico's extra holes whilst still being flexible.

If you do get either let us know how you and Sol get on as Owner and i are still looking for something new