My public femming is progressing slowly but surely under Owners instruction and guidance and is gradually boosting my own confidence and preparedness to be seen 'en femme' by others. Last weekend Owner and i met up with my sister for drinks and a meal at a pub in South London. Although i was wearing a hooded top and jeans i went along wearing make-up and had on just a bra and slip under my top. The top was quite thin and light such that when the material was pulled tight it was quite easy to see the outline of my bra straps and those of the slip through the material. No comment was made by my sister so not sure if she noticed but i certainly felt quite noticeable!

Then on Tuesday evening our regular veggie box delivery arrived quite late such that i was already dressed in skirt, blouse, heels and make-up when the delivery arrived. As Owner was on the phone when the door rang i took a deep breath and went and answered the door and received our delivery box dressed as i was, stopping only to remove my wrist cuffs. The delivery driver seemed slightly surprised but made no comment when i opened the door in my little black skirt and top.

Owner has also made me wear a bra to work on Wednesday (as well as the usual Fridays) and has also intructed that She wants me to wear stockings together with a bra when i go to work tomorrow. Needless to say i am thrilled and excited!


Mistress160 said...

I've had sol wearing a bra 24/7 for several months now (he has some very pretty ones to sleep in *grin*) but he still gets nervous when I specify a thin t shirt must be worn during the day... he's sure the world is looking!