As followers of this blog will know i have been kept off and on over the past few years in a CB-3000 chastity device. It has served Owner and i well in that it has kept me under close control but it does have its limitations. One of those is that being made of solid plastic there is little opportunity for Owner to torture and tease my clit when i am wearing it as She likes to do. In addition, when wearing tight clothes it can sometimes require a bit of 're-positioning' in order to hide the solid plastic bulge!

Last week Owner discovered a new device on the internet called the 'Birdlocked' chastity cage. Made of silicone rather than plastic the device offers the advantage that it is flexible i.e. squeezable and squishable by Owner.

In addition, there is also a version that comes with lots of little flexible spikes inside to titillate, tease, torment and torture your clit. Finally, it is also ideal for those with smaller clits like mine. Anyway, to cut a long story short we went ahead and ordered it and today it arrived.

It was slightly tricky to get on but now in place feels great and the spikes do just as you would imagine. Can't begin to think what they'll feel like when this slut gets over-excited!



Mistress160 said...

I think we might be moving on to this soon ... I'm getting VERY tired of constantly having to re-glue sol's CB-6000!