Today Owner and i went into Camden to collect some pottery Owner has had on order for a friend of Hers. As usual i was wearing my make-up and pretty top with jeans and requested to Owner that i be allowed to purchase a t-shirt for myself. Owner agreed and so i was able to pick-up a beautiful blue t-shirt from Punkyfish, one of our favourite stores. However, the retail excitement was far from over for me.

Having collected the pottery and as we were on our way back to the bus stop Owner suggested that we pop into American Apparel. i've never been into this store and neither, i think, had Owner. Oh my god! It was heaven. Every item they were selling was perfect slut gear! It was an eighties spandex and lycra sensory overload. i was soo excited by the array of sleazy and slutty garments on display i thought i'd died and gone to heaven! This sensation was amplified one hundred-fold when Owner said i could purchase one item from the store. i spent what seemed like an age browsing through micro-skirts, cropped tops, little dresses and leggings before finally settling on the ultimate summer accessory (there's nothing like planning ahead!) a silver spandex bikini top and matching silver hot pant bottoms. These will be divine for wearing in the summer sun. Owner and i are planning to go to Tuscanny later in the year and these will be the first items to hit the suitcase (with Owners permission of course!)

So anyway, it is now official......American Apparel has just become my all time favourite store! Now, how do i apply for a job there?!