After a 48 hour period out of chastity all now seems to be fine again. This evening Owner administered my spanking and caning which She'd postponed from the other evening and after that She tormented my nipples (which i adore) and had me repeatedly play with my clit until i was on the point of orgasm and then instructed me to stop whilst She pulled and twisted my nipples harder. After repeating this over and over again i was so horny i was even playing with my own nipples, with Owners encouragement, and moaning and groaning loudly.

Owner finally got me to the edge of orgasm one last time and then stopped me again and advised that in the morning i am to return to the chastity as my clit is obviously back to normal. However, initially i will be back in the old CB-3k. As i sit and type this i have a wonderfully stripey bottom from the caning and am feeling deliciously and frustratedly aroused. What a wonderful 'examination'!