Today was a gorgeous spring day in London which saw Owner and i outside making the most of it (as you can see it's not always work for this pet - i'm actually quite lazy! - evidenced by the photo of me having a crafty fag in our garden)

Owner and i woke as usual ridiculously early and after making Owner Her breakfast and doing some clothes washing we headed back to bed. However, it wasn't long before we were both up and about again and for me this involved my first attempt at pasta making. i received a pasta making machine as a Christmas gift from my mum but i have to confess this is the first time i have had a go. Despite my apprehension it was actually great fun and i managed to make some decent pasta as well. Owner, must have liked it as She has requested it for dinner again tomorrow.

After the pasta making we headed off on a walk to Highgate where we had a few drinks in the afternoon sunshine before walking back home. So basically, a lovely spring day...just a shame that work has to intervene on week days!