My thighs are still trembling, my pussy pulsating and my whole body yearning. Owner took Her time to torment Her whore's nipples and slowly amd gradually stretch open Her whore's pussy with Her fingers, hand and the inflatable butt plug before trying with the big red dildo shown in the previous post. To my own amazement Owner managed to slowly and gradually, millimetre by millimetre slide it's head into my gaping pussy, and then i was bouncing slowly but deliberately down onto it, willing it in further still with my chastised clit throbbing in pure delight. After a few minutes Owner decided it was time the fun came to an end and removed the red dildo and produced another smaller vibrator to use on Her. As Owner pleasured Herself i suckled eagerly on Her breasts whilst fisting my own stretched pussy. As Owner remarked afterwards 'what an utter whore!'.


Boobie Faggot said...

my butt is such a slut. i look at that dildo and i just start salivating.

Is it better chastised when being ass stuffed? Does it make the stuffing sweeter knowing your clitty is enslaved?

Happy pet said...


The simple answer is yes and yes. Being chastised means that i don't get distracted by any selfish thoughts of my own orgasm and instead get to concentrate fully on the sensation of being stretched and penetrated as part of learning to crave and receive pleasure via my 'pussy'.