This weekend has been a wonderful one with Owner. On Saturday after making us both pancakes for breakfast i went with Owner into town to do some shopping and for a walk along the South Bank. Owner allowed me to buy a lovely summer jacket and we enjoyed drinks outside one of London's oldest pubs before going for a meal. Today was a gorgeous day again and we walked to a wood about 4 miles from here before walking back, stopping off to buy some summer bedding plants on the way back. The afternoon found me out in our garden in my bikini top and Daisy Duke style short cut-off jeans potting-up some containers.

Later Owner administered my regular caning. She has now built it up to 160 strokes across my behind, 100 with the thin traditional cane and a further 60 with the thicker ratan cane, She is slowly building up my tolerance to caning. After the caning came the nipple and clit torture. Owner instructed me to go on all fours and fellate the dildo that is permanently attached to the end of our bed for just this purpose. She attached clover clamps to my nipples and then added some weights. Next She turned Her attention to my chastised little clit, adorning the exposed flesh with small metal clothes pegs before She proceeded to fuck me hard in my pussy. It was wonderful. Owner stated that i will receive more whore training on wednesday after work which i'm greatly looking forward to.

It was a wonderful weekend and we're both sad that tomorrow is another working day. If only there could be a way that the giant ash cloud that has stopped all air travel from the UK for the past 4 days could sink down to ground level and prevent all surface transport too so that we could both stay at home! Oh well, not long until the next weekend.