Today is scorching hot in London and aside from a bit of brief sunbathing in my silver bikini in the garden most of the day has been spent in the cool indoors. After lunch Owner decided tht it was time to have a little bit of fun with Her trainee whore and instructed me to go into the corridor and wait on all fourse with my knickers pulled down, tits clamped and fellate the large black suction dildo. After a week of trying i can now get the whole head of this into my mouth and so it was that as i sucked, gagged and slurped on the big phallus Owner crouched down behind me and thrust deep into me with her big strapon. It used to take a bit of 'preparation' to accomodate this strapon but these days it slips in with no real effort and soon Owner was thrusting hard as i made as appreciative noises as possible when you have a mouth full of cock.

Once Owner had switched the strapon onto vibrate mode and had satiated herself She asked me what i would like? i eagerly replied i would like to be fucked by something bigger and after being made to beg and stretched open a little further with one of Owners big dildo's out came the huge red dildo. Owners confidence in using this has grown immeasurably as to has my own ability to accomodate its girth inside my pussy. And so with my head forced down hard onto the blig black dildo the huge red one berthed between my legs. Each time we use it gets easier and this time its huge head ploughed deeper and deeper into my molten pussy which stretched wider and wider as i sought to get more of its shaft inside me. The feeling of having that huge cock deep inside me is out of this world and my chastised clit felt heavy and swollen as i thrust my hips back and began to fuck the monster as Owner instructed me to moan louder and louder and say how much of a whore i was (it was only after that i realised that - being a hot day - all the windows were open so apologies neighbours if i disturbed your sunbathing!).

i really cannot begin to describe enough how much i love having that huge cock deep, deep inside me whilst my mouth was wrapped around the head of another equally fat dildo. As Owner says, i am a total whore. Sadly, the fun had to end at some time and Owner was all too soon pulling it out of me as my pussy gaped appreciatively.


sissy jeanie said...

precious,... ;)

sissyserge said...

Mmmmm, sounds so exciting!! Would love to see a picture of you being sandwiched like that !