Today was an opportunity for Owner and i to head back into town for me to complete some of my last remaining World Cup challenges. On getting to the tube station the first challenge was to bend over so that i flashed the top of my pink thong over the top of my jeans (something that then happened repeatedly during the day as my jeans are girls low-cut ones) and then Owner and i set off on our little adventure. First stop was Buckingham Palace which i was to wear my crown in front of. When we arrived there were hoardes of tourists who'd all come to see the changing of the guards. Well, they got to see me in my crown as well;

Having greeted my subjects (Lol!) it was then off to Trafalgar Square (via a pit stop in St James Park to re-fuel on caffeine) for my ultimate challenge to date, walking across Trafalgar Square in my see-thru lace top with pink bra underneath. Owner was delighted with the result


We were both quite chuffed by how it went, and being the exhibitionist i am i'm loving Owners recent interest in videoing my challenges. Anyway, challenge completed we headed into Soho for a late lunch before heading home. There is still one more potential classic World Cup challenge for me to complete which involves me wearing my bikini in Hyde Park and then that is the lot. We'll both miss them but i have a feeling that it probably won't be long before Owner has me doing some more.