Well today was the day when i completed my Waterloo Bridge red-heeled shoes and skirt challenge. It was a roasting hot day and i was somewhat nervous as Owner and i set out across the bridge and back. However, i managed to complete the challenge

Challenge completed we headed off towards Bond Street for me to complete another bra challenge, popping into the National Theatre en route for a spot of lunch. When we arrived at Oxford Street we quickly realised that we'd timed our arrival to perfection to coincide with Gay Pride. There were some great outfits on display

i did strip off my top to reveal my bra as the challenge dictated but Owner adjudged that i had not done the challenge very well (which i agree was the case) and so that particular challenge will have to be repeated. Then it was off for some shopping with Owner followed by a coffee in a cafe and a chance for me to show-off one of my purchases, a fab pair of BIG sunglasses

Having quenched our thirst, or in my case topped-up my caffeine levels, it was time to head back home. However, not before doing our grocery shopping for the week with me wearing my butt plug and clover nipple clamps as dictated by another of Owners World Cup Challenges.

It was a hot day in London and by the time Owner and i got back we were both suffering a little from the heat. i was pleased i'd completed some of my challenges but dissapointed with myself for not having done my bra challenge to Owners satisfaction.


Anonymous said...

Just found this blog you are a lucky girl !!! I was kept in chastity by my ex but I'm single now so it's hard to self lock and I love those t bars xxx

Happy pet said...

Thank you for your sweet comment and i hope you find someone again soon who can lock you up.