Well the World Cup may have now come and gone in a blaze of Spanish glory and one very self-satisfied Octopus but it left a rich legacy of challenges for me to complete courtesy of Owners World Cup Game. The last two matches, the final and the play-off for second place, produced a rich harvest of challenges that i will have to complete to Owners satisfaction and which will ensure the legacy of the competition will live on, for us at least, for a short while yet. Specifically, i accrued a final flourish of four additional challenges over the weekend consisting of;
  • Re-enacting Kim Bassingers strip-tease in the film 91/2 Weeks starting and ending in our garden
  • Having my photo taken in my bikini in London's Hyde Park
  • Wearing my low-rise jeans and a lace thong and bending over on a tube station platform to flash my thong to the world
  • Crossing London's Trafalgar Square wearing my white lace see-thru top
i still also need to repeat my challenge of flashing my bra three times in Bond Street. All in all it has proved to be a wonderful competition and one that has sparked my otherwise normally non-existent interest in football. Owner and i have had tremendous fun completing the challenges already collected along the way during the World Cup and that has really been the most important thing for us, namely having fun and enjoying ourselves, albeit at my expense! Still who said becoming a gurly slut/sub was supposed to be easy??!

With the World Cup now over, and hence the immediate prospect of more such challenges, we are both feeling a little bereft. However, they have given us some wonderfully fun things to do and Owners creativity in coming up with new challenges has continued to delight and surprise. It has also given me the confidence and motivation of a challenge to further develop my public femming, something i hope to be able to incorporate more regulalry on an everyday basis.

So, so long South Africa and thank you for a great spectacle of sport and a wonderfully creative streak on the part of Owner in setting me some marvelous challenges. i wonder what will serve as Her next source of inspiration?


sissyserge said...

Well, thx to the both of you, even i have developped some interest in soccer. Look forward to seeing you complete those challenges.