No it's not a case of Christmas having come early but rather a case of Owner having presented me with my very own ankle chain to wear, it even has a bell! It's great as i have always wanted to have one and now i have one to wear permanently around my ankle. As i wander about the flat this evening it tinkles constantly letting Owner know where abouts i am and that i am not being idle. i'm really thrilled with it as i think it looks so pretty;

Tonight also saw me performing another of my little shows for Owners amusement. The performance was to the tune of Lucas by the ever wonderful Rafaella Carra, one of our favourite Euro pop artistes from the late 70s/80s and someone who is still going strong today, and as glamorous (unlike me) as ever


sissyserge said...

Cool !! I bet Owner enjoyed that!! I sure did. Was good to see ur clitty in it's cage. Hope Owner's cold is better by now! ♥

Happy pet said...

Hi Serge,

Thanks for your comment and glad you enjoyed. Owner's still got a cough but at least Her cold has cleared now.