Well today finally presented an opportunity for me to complete the last of my challenges left over from the World Cup, namely wearing my bikini in Hyde Park. Up until today we've been thwarted by a combination of ill health, weather and travels but today was deemed by Owner to be an appropriate day for the challenge to be completed. i was determined to give it my best shot and we also remembered that there was still an uncompleted challenge from the Eurovision song contest, namely to wear a sun hat in public, so that was added to the mix too. All in all, i don't think i did too badly, we chose a spot just off the main path but with people constantly walking past about 20 metres away. Anyway, this is the result;

Challenge completed it was time for a quick bit of silliness with Owner;

We then spent a lovely rest of the day wandering around Hyde Park and South Kensington before heading back home.

Today's challenge brings to a close the series of challenges i accrued courtesy of Owners games during Eurovision and the World Cup. We've both had tremendous fun doing them and i've ended up doing things which i never dreamed i would do (and have to confess have loved doing!). They certainly brought out the exhibitionist in me! Owner too has really enjoyed them and She has already indicated that, with the start of the Spanish football season nearly upon us, i may end up having more to complete depending upon the fortunes of Her team, Sporting de Gijon.

Whatever happens, i'm sure of one thing, we'll both have great fun!


sissyserge said...

Mmmm! I was waiting for this challenge! Awesome !! Judging by pic 3, you were out of your cage and enjoying it ;-)
Never been much of a soccer-fan, but i'll be keeping an eye on Spanish competition and especially Sporting de Gijon.
Admiring your Mistress, i hope they perform outstanding, unless She has plans for you when they don't....i'm a bit in two minds about that....

Happy pet said...

Thanks Serge and yes i was let out for the occasion though now back in. Knowing Owner i am sure She will have plans for any possible eventuality!

Glad you liked the challenge.


Hure tanja said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Mistress160 said...

Wish we'd been there!

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160,

That would have been fun :)