The past few weeks have been completely hectic, but sadly this has been due to work. As a result Owner and i have had very little opportunity for any play time. It has also left me feeling very tired and jaded (there's also a lot of uncertainty at the moment as to whether or not i will have a job in the near future as the government looks to start slashing the public sector).

However, that aside, in less than 3 weeks time we are both finally off on our holidays...yippeee! We are spending 2 weeks in Tuscany in Italy. 2 weeks of uninterrupted and relaxed fun. 2 weeks in which i can give 100% to Owner as opposed to a few hours before and after work. 2 weeks in which we will be staying in a private villa and can be as isolated as we want to be. 2 weeks with potential for all sorts of fun and mischief. How we can't wait!


Mistress160 said...

It sounds wonderful ... Promise us a postcard??