Owner's sister and her partner stayed with us for the past 5 days. Now for me, and i suspect many subs, one of the challenges of having guests staying is that the little daily routines by which we organise our lives to serve our Owners can be thrown somewhat out of kilter. It would clearly take a very special type of guest, for example, to be comfortable with me fellating a dildo and dropping my panties around my ankles each time i wash-up for example, or my walking around the house in my collar and cuffs! And Owners sister, lovely as she and her partner are, are not one of those kind of guests!

For me it was time to put away the pretty and slutty clothes, hide the toys, diaries and other such clues and go back to 'normality' for a few days. However, i still wanted to be able to continue my service and this time there was an opportunity to do so discretely and in a manner that would not cause any kind of remark or embarasment to Owner. So it was that i threw myself happily into the task of being the person who would prepare breakfast (as i would do normally, albeit this time for a few more) and make dinners when we weren't eating out. i even managed to get in a bit of baking almost every day. Afterall, a good host(ess) should always be trying to ensure that their guests are well looked after and i greatly enjoyed being able to do so.

It was also great fun having them to stay and i know it means a lot to Owner as She does not have much opportunity to see Her sister during the year so the occasion was extra special for Her too. Now, however, they have departed back to Spain and so i am once more dressed tartily in the flat and wearing my collar and make-up and yes, it does feel fab and great to be 'back'. It's funny just how things that other people would probably regard as being distinctly 'not normal' are for us normality and feel strange when suddenly we cannot act or dress as we would normally do so. Still, we are now very much back to our own happy reality.

We're also both extremely, well OK more like mega-excited. At the end of this week we head off on our fortnight holiday to Italy. Neither of us can wait. The prospect of spending a whole 2 weeks with Owner in a little place in the Tuscan countryside is something we've been looking forward to all year and now it is almost a reality. We're both sure to get upto some 'normal' activities whilst we're there as well as getting in some sightseeing which will hopefully appear in this blog when we return. Owner has also booked us both in to a hotel in Rome for the night of our anniversary whilst we're away. It is next door to the Trevi fountain, maybe a La Dolce Vita challenge??



Mistress160 said...

This is exactly why we're setting up a kinky community over here ... your neighbors don't care what you are wearing! Actually that's not true, you have to leave sometimes ... we've already designed the road sign that greets residents as they approach the outside gate of the community: "warning: you are approaching vanilla territory! Double check your appearance and unlock the sub"