My workplace has recently started to encourage more flexible working, including working from home, something that was too good an opportunity to miss. As a result, most Wednesdays i am now to be found sat in front of my laptop working from home during the day rather than in the office. Sadly, Owners employer doesn't offer the same opportunity but it does, at least, mean that i am at home when Owner returns and dressed all prettily to greet Her as She comes in.

Wednesday also happens to be one of my regular caning days and Owner had already advised that i was to expect to be caned when She got back. However, She had a wonderful surprise in store. Just before i was expecting Owner to return She texted to say that She was at the bus stop (meaning She was about 5 minutes away) and to prepare myself for a pussy inspection, as well as a caning, as soon as She walked in. i quickly scurried around the flat assembling Owners collection of canes, paddles and floggers and laying them out on the bed for Her. Then i got out Owners collection of insertables and laid these out together with the lube and gloves. Finally, i inserted the inflatable butt plug in my pussy, attached weights to the nipple clamps and then attached them to my nipples and bent over the bed to await Her arrival.

Owner seemed impressed that i had been able to get everything ready in time for Her arrival and that i was plugged and clamped in readiness. It wasn't long before Her hand had replaced the butt plug inside me and Her fingers were pulling and twisting my clamped nipples. Owner remarked how pleasingly wet and pert i was then removed Her hand picked up Her cane and commenced the first salvo of 20 strokes. i have become used to Owners caning techniques and know that She usually delivers a batch of 20 from one side and then changes position to deliver the next 20 and so forth. However, this time was different.

After administering Her initial 20 strokes Owner had me stand up straight and moisten my fingers and then caress, pull and twist my clamped nipples before instructing me to bend over again in readiness for the next 20 strokes. After these were delivered i was then instructed to pull and twist one nipple hard and slap my chastised testicles with the other before Owner continued with another 20 strikes of the cane. On the 60 mark Owner had me play with my pussy with my fingers, at 80 i was instructed to fuck myself in front of Her with a glass dildo and then gradually after every subsequent batch of 20 strokes fuck myself in front of Her with ever larger dildo's. All the while Owner commented what a truly dirty whore i was and pulled and twisted my nipples as my pussy was gradually stretched wider and wider still by each new toy.

As the 200th and final stroke fell Owner handed me the huge, red 14inch long, and a good many inches wide, dildo and instructed me to fuck myself with it. As i brought its giant red head into position and struggled to manouvere it between my cheeks Owner continued Her commentary on what a dirty slut i was and pulled and twisted my nipples harder still. Slowly i managed to get the head inside me but by now my hands were slippery with lube (not good when you have a very big, very heavy and quite flexible dildo that you are trying to insert - a bit like wrestling with an anoconda) and so  i changed position, crouching down so i could put the base of the dildo on the floor and then ease myself down onto it.

This rectified the 'problem' of the slippery dick and i could soon feel it's head pushing deeper inside me.  i gradually built up a steady rythm easing myself up and down onto the monster cock, feeling it inch deeper millimeter by millimetre as i began to bounce my hips up and down. All the while Owner stood behind me, Her fingers pulling and twisting my nipples and voicing Her satisfaction at what a good whore i was fucking myself in front of Her and telling Her how much i adored having cock inside me, how i longed to be Her slut, craved having my nipples abused hard and thought of nothing else all day other than of having my pussy stuffed and my nipples tortured. All the while this was going on my little clit throbbed inside its plastic cage and brain was consumed under a tsunami of pleasure, pain and desire. Owner had me right where She wanted me, Her personal fucktoy moaning and groaning and behaving in the most wanton manner, back arched, breasts swollen and pert and thighs trembling.

'STOP' Owner instructed 'that's enough'. My whole body was by now shivering in desire, craving pleasure in any form but play-time was over. i climbed-off the dildo (it really is a big 'un) and knelt down in front of Owner, my head in Her lap as my brain began the slow descent back to planet earth. 'My dirty little whore what a good slut you are' Owner purred 'playing with yourself without shame'. i concurred readily and then got up, collected and cleaned the toys and tidied Owners implements away.

Now, if HR were to know would they still be so keen to offer flexible working? i had spent the last hour of my working day 'training' but not really of the type i suspect you'd find in your average company training programme. Needless to say, i am now a fan of flexible working!