Today i busied myself about the flat with my domestic duties until it was time for Owner and i to head off to the pub, get our pumpkins for Halloween and for me to complete the challenges Owner had set for me. i made sure i was properly prepared with my heavy silver butt plug in situ underneath my pink panties with black frills, pink bra and skinny jeans with lacy top, jumper and collar. We decided to head to the pub first and then head onto the shops afterwards to get the pumpkins.

After we walked in and bought some drinks we found a good spot and sat down to engage in our favourite activity, people watching. However, it wasn't long before Owner's hand was straying over towards my breasts and starting to caress and gently pull my nipple rings though the fabric off my top. i swear that if i could acquire the ability to purrr i would have then! Nevertheless, i did my best impression, nestling my head against Owners chest and savouring the sweet sensation of Her teasing and exploring fingers.

After about half an hour Owner deemed it time for me to complete my first challenge of the evening. She instructed me to go to the toilet and remove my bra then pull, twist and caress my nipples in the toilets before returning to where we were sat and depositing my bra on the table in front of Her. This i duly did and then resumed my position next to Her. Once again Owners fingers sought out my breasts and this time they were greeted by two little bullets of pert flesh. Owner twisted and teased them before announcing it was time for my next challenge. This time i was to return to the toilet, remove my panties and pinch my testicles before returning to where She was sat and depositing my knickers onto the table in front of Her.

i did as instructed, slipping off my panties and pinching my testicles and spanked them lightly whilst rubbing my still pert nipples before returning to Owner was sat and placing my panties onto the table in front of Her. This is where the evening became more interesting. i'd selected a pair of bright pink panties with black frills to wear that night and Owner now instructed that i was to place them so they were hanging out of my pocket, and thus clearly visible, and go for a walk around the pub. This i did and then was told to repeat my walk again. On returning Owner decided that She wanted to listen to some music and so instructed me to set off once again, still with the bright pink panties hanging loose, to the jukebox to put on some music for Her. However, the jukebox wasn't working properly and so i returned back to where She was sat to inform Her only to then be told to go to the bar and explain the problem to the bar tender, again still with panties hanging. Eventually, and after what seemed like an age, the problem had been resolved, i'd selected some tunes and had been allowed to sit back down again and at last place my underwear in my handbag.

'What a whore you are showig your underwear to the whole pub' Owner exclaimed. i had to agree. 'Right, now you may go back to the toilet, remove your butt plug and play with your pussy'.

Once again i got up and headed to the bathroom. It felt very naughty to be bent over in the cubicle with my fingers buried deep inside me listening to the conversation of the rest of the 'guys' in the toilet. Me moistening my fingers and stretching my pussy open as they pee'd.

After my pussy was thoroughly wet i pulled my jeans back up again, tucking in my chastised clit inside and returned back to Owner who declared Herself pleased with my behaviour and that She was now planning some more challenges for Halloween...i for one can't wait. Then it was off to the shop to buy our pumpkins and then head home.