Today found me working from home and so i spent the day dressed up prettily in my dress, stockings and bra but minus my panties (on Owners instruction) - good job it was just a teleconference and not a video conference that i had with my colleagues! When Owner texted to say that She was leaving work i inserted my heavy silver butt plug, as i am expected to do every Friday, and awaited Her return home.

It wasn't long after that i found myself on the bed with Owner removing my stockings and pulling and caressing my nipples and my plugged pussy. Owner took one of stockings and threaded it through my nipple rings before tying them tightly together with the fishnets so that each ring felt as though it was about to be ripped out of its nipple....the pain was divine. Owner then pulled and twisted each nipple ring sending waves of intense pain coursing through my chest.

Owner took the second stocking and tied one end to my waspie and pulled the stocking tight between my cheeks, tying it off at at the other end around my chastised clit. The taut material of the stocking between my legs pushed the butt plug in deeper still. Owner had successfully tied me so that any small movement on my part meant either my nipples were pulled painfully by the tension of the stockings tied between my nipple rings or the butt plug was pushed deeper up into my pussy. It was a wonderful predicament!

Owner then positioned Herself behind me so that She could use my trussed up body as a cushion to support Her vibrator which She rode for Her pleasure whilst reaching around underneath me to further pull, twist and torture my nipples. She then shifted position and brought Her vibrator into position between my cheeks, its vibrating base up hard the against base of my butt plug sending convulsions deep into my pussy. As She did so She whispered;

'So is my slut going going to be a good whore this weekend?'

'Yes Owner' i replied.

'Good slut. Then on Saturday you are going to wear your butt plug to the supermarket when we go to get the pumpkins for halloween. And then you're going to keep it in for when we go for a drink to the pub. When we're in the pub i will tell you to go the the toilet and when you do you are to remove your bra in the toilet and then return to where we are sitting and hand me your bra. Then i will get you to go to the toilet again. This time you will take off your panties and take out your butt plug and start to play with your pussy. You'd like that wouldn't you slut?'

'Yes Owner i would' i whimpered 'i want to be made to behave like a slut in public'

'What a whore you'll be playing with your pussy in the toilet' replied Owner

'Yes Owner' i concurred 'i'll be a whore and will try to get my whole hand inside my pussy'

'What a true slut you are! Then after you've played with your pussy you are to put your butt plug back in your pussy and return to where we are sitting with your panties in your pocket and then place them on the table in front of me' replied Owner

And, having set me a suitably slutty challenge for tomorrow Owner ground Herself down onto the vibrator wedged against my butt plug and orgasmed, leaving me frustrated, sore, elated and eager for our little trip to the shops and pub tomorrow!