As promised Owner has presented me with Her list of additional and updated duties and behaviours for me to follow. Some of the things Owner has cited are a response to my own failings, such as my having not studied my Spanish fot a long time and consequently getting very rusty. Others are new and some are ones we have discussed between ourselves, such as having my internet usage restrited to a maximum of an hour a day (the amount of time my laptop holds its charge when unplugged) so that i can concentrate on my domestic duties. i am delighted to have received the list and i hope that it will serve to continue my training by Owner as we further extend our 24/7 relationship. For the curious amongst you the list i received is as follows;

  • internet usage restricted to one hour per day on week days (in one chunk or small bits but totalling no more than one hour) - time spent instead doing useful things like researching new recipes, revising Spanish, cleaning, baking or playing with Owner.
  • attach nipple clamps when Owner goes into shower in morning, Owner will remove later when She leaves for work
  • mop bathroom after all showers and put bath mat to dry
  • check fridge once a week and clean as necessary, remove any foodstuffs past use by date and add to shopping list what is needed
  • practice 1 hour of Spanish conversation once a week with Owner or watch Spanish TV series
  • on Mondays wear no knickers at home or at work
  • nipple clamp torture once a week
  • change towels and bathmat once a week
  • prepare at least one performance a month at a time to suit Owner
  • complete at least one challenge a month which Owner will schedule
  • make sure wardrobe is tidy and recycle any clothes that don't fit
  • try at least one new recipe a month
  • wear feminine vests underneath clothes during winter to keep warm
  • create a recipe database of Owners favourite recipes
  • research fetish events and activities that Owner and i can attend
  • when working from home insert butt plug and remove knickers at least one hour before Owners arrival
It's a great list and though there are some challenges in there i am determined to do Owner proud and thank Her for taking the time to compile the list.

Meanwhile, Owner has found yet more things about the flat with which to stretch my nipples, this time a camera and mobile phone

Owner and i are spending today at home. Owner has instructed that once every hour i am to ask Her to have my nipples tortured to ensure that they are hard and erect all day long. As the day progresses Owner has been finding more and more ingenious ways to do this using a variety of household items as well as twisting them mercilessly with Her fingers.  The images below show just what can be achieved using chopsticks and a salad server;

In between my hourly breast torture i've been keeping busy in the kitchen, firstly making sunday roast;

and secondly baking some scones;

Meanwhile, Owner is sat typing put some new domestic instructions for me to add to my existing duties. i'm really quite excited about receiving these as i am hoping that it is a sign that Owner is pleased with my progress over the past few months and now feels it is time to furthen deepen my submission and stretch me further. Right, i must be off as the hour is nigh for more nipple torture and then cleaning whilst Owner listen to the football.
Last night Owner and i went to Club Pedestal, a Femdom club in freezing cold South London. We'd both already decided that, rather than try and struggle back North of the river after the club we'd take a decadent option and check into a local hotel for the night. However, there was still a 10 minute walk from the hotel to the club and so that is why, if you were walking or drving through the Vauxhall area last night, you might have seen a couple teetring along the pavement in impractical footwear and clothing on an evening when the temperatures fell below zero. Owner wore Her fabulous big sole shoes, see below

Whilst i was wearing my red high heels, leather spanking skirt with the (specially designed for freezing November nights) fully exposed derrier which was only just hidden underneath my little black coat. Yes, we were both done upto the nines wandering around in South London with me getting some most interesting looks as i tottered past groups of people huddled at bus stops wondering if they'd possibly had one too many already or had they really just seen a guy in full make-up, bright red nails, leather skirt with black stockings with red lacing and bright red shoes and a glittery red clutch bag totter past them. Good job they didn't know that if they'd been able to look under my jacket they'd have found my naked backside! At one point i  stopped to ask someone for directions prompting Owner to later remark how pleased She was to see my  public femming progressing. There are no pictures of me in my garb as photography is banned in the club, however, an interesting sight it must have been.

After successfully negotiating the mean streets of South London and having had a good time in the club people watching we headed back whence we'd come early in the morning. After breakfast Owner made the most of a late checkout time by taking me back to bed and abusing my titties with clamps and then fucking my mouth and then my pussy hard with Her favourite strapon. Owner has trained me well to become a complete slut and whore for Her and i eagerly spread my cheeks apart and thrust myself down hard on Her cock and breathlessly told Her how much i adored being fucked hard by Her. It was a truly wonderful way to start the day.

Owner has also decreed that, since i love having my tits clamped, twisted and abused so much (which is true)  tomorrow every hour throughout the day i am to present them to Her for Her to abuse. i have a feeling tomorrow could be a good day too!
Regular readers of this blog will know that i have been kept in a pretty permanent state of chastity for the past 4 years. i am given releases about once every couple of weeks so this isn''t the state of enforced long-term denial that some subs experience, but nevertheless the norm is a chaste one. Over this time period my chastity has been enforced by the wearing of a CB-3000 device with added 'points of intrigue'. This has been a great device for everyday wear, it's comfortable (well the points aren't but that is the point!), lightweight and doesn't hinder you going about your daily business. All it requires is regular cleaning. Some people have found it's size an issue but as i am pretty small in that department it has never been a problem. However, from Owners perspective it does suffer from one major drawback, namely that if She wishes to torture or torment my clit then there is a whole kerfuffle of having to remove the device before She can do so. Owner would prefer something that allows Her greater spontaneity.

To try and address this we purchased a Birdlocked device (again with extra teeth inside) because rather than being hard plastic it is made of silicone and so appeared to offer lots of potential for Owner to abuse my clit at Her leisure whilst it remained securely locked up. Sadly, our experience with this device wasn't a good one as it led to sores and slight blistering and so we retunrned back to the trusty old CB3000.

Today, however, Owner received an email from one of Her favourite on-line stores, Tickleberry advising of their latest products. Amongst the new devices and implements they have to offer was the following;

The device is called a Kali's Teeth Bracelet and is a medical-grade but lightweight device that secures behind your 'bits' and then traps your clit in a metal-spiked sleeve. The clear advantage offered by this device from Owners perspective is that it leaves my clit relatively free for Her to abuse and torment. From my own perspective it retains the sense of control of having a device securely in place (though i'm not someone who would oherwise be desperately masturbating on a daily basis without being in chastity - i just like the sense of security and control it provides). At the moment Owner has not made any decision as to whether to purchase it or not but She is clearly quite interested in this device and the metal teeth would certainly add a new dimension to any moments of arousal on my part. i guess i shall just have to wait and see whether this is to become my new replacement reminder of my place as Owners chaste submissive or not.
The Romans had a saying that an army marches on its stomach and for me ensuring that Owner gets to receive healthy, nutritious food is something that i take great pride in doing. When Owner and i first met it must be said that my culinary repetoire was somewhat limited. However, with Owners active encouragement my confidence in the kitchen grew and became an integral part of our Female-led/Femdom lifestyle. Owner Herself is a wonderful cook but we quickly developed a routine whereby unless i was ill or unavoidably detained at work it should be i that prepares all the meals (and of course tidies and washes up afterwards). This little routine of ours starts from the moment when we wake up. Owner has to leave the house about an hour before i do for work and so i get up with Her, prepare breakfast and then make Her lunch. Then in the evening i prepare ou evening meal when i get back.

Of late i have started to try and ensure that Owner always has an option of home-cooked savoury bread for breakfast and/or to take with Her to work as well as making homemade biscuits on a regular basis for Her too. i have to say that baking and cooking in general has opened a whole new world for me. i used to just cook to eat i.e. to fill a hole. However, now i love to experiment, try different things and have become a little obsessed with baking. There is something wonderfully satisfying about feeding someone, anyone and people the world over do, i am sure, derive joy and satisfaction on a regular basis from cooking for family and friends. However, to me cooking and baking are also a further expression of my love and adoration for Owner. i obviously like to eat what i prepare too but there is nothing like the satisfaction derived from seeing Owner tuck in and enjoy. It's almost like sex (i did say almost!) in that for me the most wonderful part is the giving and not the receiving of pleasure and cooking is the same.

When i first started this blog many moons ago i wrote at the time that my ambition in life was to become a housewife for Owner and spending my evenings or parts of the weekend kneading my dough or stirring a soup is something i adore to do. Sadly i still have to go to work so the housewife ambition remains, for the foreseeable future, an unrealised one. However, there are still plenty of moments in any day when i can 'live my dream' and potter about cleaning or tidying whilst the aroma of freshly baked/prepared food wafts through the flat.

Why am i writing all of the above? i guess because to me being in a relationship that is a Female-led or Femdom one presents so many opportunities to serve and cooking is one wonderful way to do just that.
Owner and i have just decided that it is time that we re-visited Club Pedestal, a Femdom club in South London that we went to a few years ago and kept meaning to re-visit but had never quite got round to. The main problem was that the club only hosts about 4 nights a year and these were always on a Thursday (not good for going to work the next day when you're both not teenagers anymore!). However, the next club night is on a Friday and so offers plenty of scope for lying in and recovering the following day. Owner has also decided that, rather than get a taxi back home after the Club closes (and it stays open until 5am) we might as well book into a nearby hotel. That way we do not have too worry about traipsing back all the way across London in our respective finery but rather can totter a few hundred yards on our heels back to the hotel instead.

i really can't wait to go to the Club as last time it was wonderful to be to be out in company with Owner in a venue with other like-minded folk. The venue also has a play area and the prospect of some possible public play is a very exciting one. To round off what will be an excellent end to the month we have also booked to go and see one of our favourite bands, The National playing at the Brixton Academy at the end of November.

Though the weather has taken a decided turn for the worst this week (torrential rain and freezing cold) and the days are getting depressingly long November promises to be a great month after all!
This evening Owner removed my chastity device in order for me to have a supervised shower. However, rather than have it re-attached after i'd showered and shaved She instructed me to keep it off and to come to the bedroom for a caning. Owner commenced with some warm-up strokes with Her flogger and favourite paddle before moving onto the caning proper, using first the thicker and thuddier cane and then the lighter traditional crooked one.

When i had counted off 200 strokes She stopped and then turned Her attention to my nipples, pulling and twisting my nipple rings before caning each nipple in turn. Owner then attached japanese clover clamps to each nipple and carried on caning them whilst instructing me to play with my clit. i noticed She did not say to masturbate and so slapped my testicles instead (which is what i normally do if i am in chastity - which i was not - when Owner instructs me to play with myself this way). After a short while Owner directed her cane down betwen my legs and began to cane the head and shaft of my clit. She then paused and started to masturbate me and then resumed with the clit caning. Owner repeated this over and over, each time masturbating me until i sought permission to cum and then stopping and resuming Her caning. My titties were hot and sore from the clamps and my clit was engorged and swollen from the repeated edging and caning but still Owner continued.

After having been brought to the edge of orgasm for the 8th or 9th time i again begged for permission to cum but this time Owner didn't stop, but continued Her rythmic stroking of my clit and then brought Her cane into play. It was too much, i tried in vain to prevent the impending orgasm but failed and came across the bed covers and the tip of Owners cane as it continued to strike my clit. Owner didn't seem to mind that i had cum stating instead that it had been a useful experiment for Her as She removed the clamps from my nipples and i bent down and licked my cum off the bedding. Owner is certainly becoming very adept with Her canings!
This evening after work Owner and i went to go an see the excellent Japanese production Shun-kin by theatre Complicite at the Barbican Centre. The play is the story of a blind Shamisen player and her servant. Set in Japan in the 19th century it centres upon their intense and very sado-masochistic and Femdom relationship. It was fascinating and brillianly staged.

As would seem appropriate for such a production, and as part of my continuing slut/whore training Owner chose to add some additional instructions for me for the evening. The first instruction was that when i met Her after work i was to be wearing my butt plug and have my nipple clmps to hand. We went for dinner whereupon i was instructed to attach the nipple clamps and wear them for the walk to the Barbican Centre, ensuring that by the time we arrived my nipples were pert and sensitive. Owner then selected a slightly raised walkway outside the theatre and instructed me to start playing with my nipples like a slut. As i leant over the wall and pulled and twisted my nipple rings office workers were walking past a mere 10 feet away. Owner caressed my plugged pussy and encouraged me to pull my nipples harder. It was a wonderfully slutty experience to be made to fondle and carress my sore and aroused titties as people walked by!

Satisfied by my behaviour we then headed into the theatre where Owner instructed me to get down onto my knees in the foyer and beg to be allowed to go the the toilet and play with my tits, (chastised) clit and pussy in the toilet and then to return with my knickers hanging from my pocket and for them to remain like that for the duration of the performance. Owner even had me stand up in the theatre as everyone took their seats before the show commenced so that anyone who chose to look towards me too closely would see my knickers hanging from my pocket. Eventually Owner allowed me to sit down and then She lent across and proceeded to twist and pull on my nipples as the audience settled itself. i admit i couldn't resist the urge to unbutton my top further so that Owner could get easier access to my nipples, thereby granting anyone watching the sight of Owner happily pulling and twisting my nipples in a packed theatre. i was in slutty heaven and rested my head on Owners shoulder as Her fingers probed, twisted and pulled.

Owner stated that She is really enjoying extending my slut training into more public places and that i can expect more challenges to come to demonstrate what an obedient and shameless slut i am becoming under Her guidance. i have to confess that i love it to and am slowly learning to become a lot less self-conscious than i used to be. It really is a wonderful feeling to have Owner decide that if She wants to publicly expose and molest me, or have me do it myself for Her amusement, then She can do so at any time or any where we are. i am, after all, Hers to do with as She pleases.