As promised Owner has presented me with Her list of additional and updated duties and behaviours for me to follow. Some of the things Owner has cited are a response to my own failings, such as my having not studied my Spanish fot a long time and consequently getting very rusty. Others are new and some are ones we have discussed between ourselves, such as having my internet usage restrited to a maximum of an hour a day (the amount of time my laptop holds its charge when unplugged) so that i can concentrate on my domestic duties. i am delighted to have received the list and i hope that it will serve to continue my training by Owner as we further extend our 24/7 relationship. For the curious amongst you the list i received is as follows;

  • internet usage restricted to one hour per day on week days (in one chunk or small bits but totalling no more than one hour) - time spent instead doing useful things like researching new recipes, revising Spanish, cleaning, baking or playing with Owner.
  • attach nipple clamps when Owner goes into shower in morning, Owner will remove later when She leaves for work
  • mop bathroom after all showers and put bath mat to dry
  • check fridge once a week and clean as necessary, remove any foodstuffs past use by date and add to shopping list what is needed
  • practice 1 hour of Spanish conversation once a week with Owner or watch Spanish TV series
  • on Mondays wear no knickers at home or at work
  • nipple clamp torture once a week
  • change towels and bathmat once a week
  • prepare at least one performance a month at a time to suit Owner
  • complete at least one challenge a month which Owner will schedule
  • make sure wardrobe is tidy and recycle any clothes that don't fit
  • try at least one new recipe a month
  • wear feminine vests underneath clothes during winter to keep warm
  • create a recipe database of Owners favourite recipes
  • research fetish events and activities that Owner and i can attend
  • when working from home insert butt plug and remove knickers at least one hour before Owners arrival
It's a great list and though there are some challenges in there i am determined to do Owner proud and thank Her for taking the time to compile the list.

Meanwhile, Owner has found yet more things about the flat with which to stretch my nipples, this time a camera and mobile phone