Well tomorrow Owner and i make our respective journeys to see our families, Her to Spain me to SW England. Both of us hate this time of year as it always mean we have to spend time apart (with the exception of last year where flight cancellations caused us to unexpectedly spend Xmas in London). i'll be flying out to join Owner for New Year and we'll be spending New Years Eve with some friends in a cottage in the mountains of the Picos de Europa which we're both really looking forward to. i just wish that there wasn't a period of separation for us over the Xmas period itself...oh well that's the joy of families in different parts of Europe for you.

This year has been a truly excellent one. We both feel that we have continued to grow, develop, deepen and strengthen our Femdom relationship and Owner has continued to gradually extended Her control over me. What is more, it has been and continues to be great fun. In Owner i have the best friend, soul-mate, lover, partner and Domme that anyone could ever wish for. It is also the first year when i can truly say i have not regressed in my behaviour at some point. In previous years there has always tended to be a period (generally Autumn/Winter time) when i have become affected by what Owner describes as my sad syndrome. That is to say that i have let my submissive behaviour and desire slip. This year has been very different and we both feel that we have ended 2010 on a new emotional and relationship high.

i am concious that this blog can often read as being all about me, in that it is written from my perspective (though Owner does check and approve every post before they go live). i would just like to take his opportunity to publicly express my love and devotion though to my wonderful Owner, She has made me the happy and contented sub/slut that i am today and without Her life would be empty. Thank you Owner.

Finally, to all who read this little blog of mine can i take this oppotunity to wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a wonderful New Year and i hope that all your desires and dreams are fulfilled in 2011.

Seasons Greetings from us both
This evening Owner tested out Her new cane and, as is now Her regular custom, combined the caning with nipple torture. All in all She delivered 220 strokes and had my nipples well and truly trussed up and weighted as you cn see below. Me thinks they might be a tad sensitive in the morning...mmmmm!

One of the many advantages of having pierced nipples is that there are endless possibilities for the creatively minded, and Owner certainly is that!
This afternoon Owner road-tested Her new mega-lightweight 10inch strap-on on Her hungry whore's (aka me) pussy. It is incredibly lightweight and thus does not suffer from the weight issue of some other similar sized dildos which can make them too heavy to handle for strapon wear. It is also slightly spongy in texture meaning that it is very comfortable and i found i was able to fairly comfortably accomodate it inside my pussy. i would, however, recommend wearing with a condom and, as always, use lots of lube! Here's a couple of pictures taken of Owner modelling the strapon

It also comes with its own lightweight harness. Our only suggested improvement on what is an excellent toy would be that it doesn't have a bullet vibrator in its base. However, it looks like it will be easy to make a small hole in the base in which to insert a bullet vibe. You can get these strapons from Bondara and if you've got a craving for big cocks like me but your partner finds the large dildo's too heavy for practical strapon play then we would definitely recommend this.
Seasons greetings from a snowy London to all my readers, hope you have a great one. The final shot shows off the pretty suspender belt and stockings that Owner also got for me as one of our (not in front of the family) presents;

By the way, Owner discovered a fun new way for Her to have fun with the Khalli's teeth chastity device this morning, namely rubbing her clit against mine until i was painfully aroused with the tip of my clit inside Her as She ground out an orgasm. The device seems to be working well so far alhough i did wake-up a few times during the night with somewhat uncomfortbale nocturnal stirrings which caused the teeth to bite hard. However, that after all is the point (pardon the pun) and i hope i will start to get used to it!
Owner and i exchanged those presents that are not to be opened in front of friends and family today. i received some wonderful items of underwear including a lovely green velvet waist cincher from Burleska, lace top, some pretty leather gloves, a pretty top, purple suspender belt with matching stockings and.........a new and interestingly spiked metal chastity device called Khali's teeth. The following photo shows me modelling my new waspie and lace top;

 and here's my wonderful new chastity device;

It looks inocuous enough but that metal circular band around my little clit (with the padlock resting on top) is lined with rows of little metal teeth. Any arousal on my part and i will soon know about it! Owner is very excited with Her new purchase as it leaves my clit accessible for Her to tease and torment in a way that isn't possible with my plastic CB3000. We shall have to see how we get on as our last chastity device purchase was less successful than we had hoped. However, this one certainly looks promising, i'll report back over the coming days and weeks how we get on.

Meanwhile, today has seen lots of heavy snow in London and the following are a couple of wintery scenes shot in our garden and local park

The snow looks set to stay, in fact more is forecast, and so Owner has advised that tomorrow i will be undertaking some outdoor snow challenges. i can't wait!
Yesterday after dinner i did the washing-up as usual. There is a little routine that i have to follow each time i wash the dishes which is to affix a suction-cup dildo to the kitchen cabinet above the sink and fellate that whilst at the same time lifting up the back of my skirt and dropping my panties. It is a well-established routine and one that is now completely second nature - so much so that i have to remind myself not to do it when we have guests staying!

Anyway, as yesterday was a Monday and Owner now insists i do not wear panties on a Monday i had none to take down and so was just stood there, hands wrist deep in suds with my mouth fellating the dildo and my skirt hitched when i sensed Owner come up behind me. The next thing i knew She had lubed my pussy and slipped Her fingers inside me. As i sought to concentrate on cleaning the dishes Owner gradually thrust Her fingers deep inside me and then reached around, pulled down my top and began to caress my breasts. The mouth full of dildo meant i couldn't speak, just murmur but my hips gave me away as i ground down on Owners wrist like a slut. Owner then turned Her attention to my chastised clit and began to beat my testicles with a wooden spoon as i leant forward to afford Her better access and delighted in each blow, making my pussy wetter still.

No sooner had i finished cleaning the last of the dishes than Owner led me across the kitchen and had me sit down in the chair. She stood behind me and continued to caress and pull and twist my nipples and then told me to spread my legs apart and place my feet up on the table and finger my pussy.

So there i was, legs splayed apart playing with my pussy and moaning loudly whilst Owner pulled and twisted my nipples. i was in slut heaven and it showed. If only washing the dishes were always this much fun!

Yesterday was also a day off work for me so i tried to use my free time to good affect by cleaning the doors and windows to the flat (despite the fact it was -2C outside), adding some more recipes to my growing recipe database and finally studying some Spanish. The latter is something i really do need to improve my game on but am determined to try my best for Owner.
This evening i gave a little Christmas performance for Owner, a little early perhaps but what the hell. Owner has stated that this is one of the funniest ones i have done to date (which wasn't intended). i'll leave you to make up your own minds but, as you can see just from the start when i got somewhat confused as to when the song itself was due to start, it could only go downhill from there...and boy did it. Good fun though but for any fans of Bing out there it's probably best not to watch!

Just a shame all the snow in London had melted before i got to do this.
Updating my burgeoning recipe database (collar and cuffs removed at Owners request for the photograph)

It is now coming to the end of the first week of my new routine following the receipt of Owners new instructions (see previous post). So far things seem to be going reasonably well. i've restricted my weekday internet access to a maximum of one hour in the evening and have instead been trying to use my time more constructively by baking,cooking and cleaning. Each weekday morning i have also had my nipples clamped in the japanese clover clamps for a period of about half an hour which has left them deliciously sensitive during the day (i also think they're also slightly bigger than they were at the start of the week as well).

Yesterday, Owner administered a more intensive (220 strokes) caning and combined it with some intense nipple torture involving a combination of pulling andtwisting, the application of clamps, pegs, weights and also the chopstick nipple clamps which left a marked indentation in my nipples for the remainder of the evening. Owner also caned my clit hard and masturbated me to the point of orgasm before returning to caning my clit. This She repeated a number of times before graciously allowing me to orgasm, then pushing my face down into my mess to lick up afterwards.

Today i need to make a start on developing my recipe database, start studying Spanish and perform a little show for Owner. i am certainly pleased with my new regime and am greatly enjoying serving Owner and submitting further to Her. Ours has been a gradual development of our 24/7 Femdom relationship but we are still continuing to strenghten and deepen it. It is proving to be a wonderful journey and i am indebted to Owner for helping me to learn and develop along the way.