Well tomorrow Owner and i make our respective journeys to see our families, Her to Spain me to SW England. Both of us hate this time of year as it always mean we have to spend time apart (with the exception of last year where flight cancellations caused us to unexpectedly spend Xmas in London). i'll be flying out to join Owner for New Year and we'll be spending New Years Eve with some friends in a cottage in the mountains of the Picos de Europa which we're both really looking forward to. i just wish that there wasn't a period of separation for us over the Xmas period itself...oh well that's the joy of families in different parts of Europe for you.

This year has been a truly excellent one. We both feel that we have continued to grow, develop, deepen and strengthen our Femdom relationship and Owner has continued to gradually extended Her control over me. What is more, it has been and continues to be great fun. In Owner i have the best friend, soul-mate, lover, partner and Domme that anyone could ever wish for. It is also the first year when i can truly say i have not regressed in my behaviour at some point. In previous years there has always tended to be a period (generally Autumn/Winter time) when i have become affected by what Owner describes as my sad syndrome. That is to say that i have let my submissive behaviour and desire slip. This year has been very different and we both feel that we have ended 2010 on a new emotional and relationship high.

i am concious that this blog can often read as being all about me, in that it is written from my perspective (though Owner does check and approve every post before they go live). i would just like to take his opportunity to publicly express my love and devotion though to my wonderful Owner, She has made me the happy and contented sub/slut that i am today and without Her life would be empty. Thank you Owner.

Finally, to all who read this little blog of mine can i take this oppotunity to wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a wonderful New Year and i hope that all your desires and dreams are fulfilled in 2011.

Seasons Greetings from us both