For as long as Owner and i have been developing our Femdom relationship we have always had a little routine every weekday morning which consists of me texting Owner after She has left the house for work, and before i head off myself, to tell Her what underwear i will be wearing that day. This text often leads to a brief exchange of messages about the day ahead or the events of the night before. The following is a transcript of this mornings correspondence which, as you can see, rather amused Owner;

me: 'slutty pet mega loves her Owner and can't wait to see Her. So looking forward to it being the weekend! Wearing my purple panties today xxx'

Owner: 'Love petty & what a total whore he was ystrday! Can't wait to the wknd &...the tickle machine x'

me: 'Thank u i am an utter whore who loves her Owner using and treating her like the complete and utter whore i am xxx'

Owner: 'How philosophical! He he. x'

me:'Ha, ha, ha xxx'

Owner:'Should add that to the quotes of the day. x'

me:'Will do xxx'

Well, this blog isn't quite the right forum for posting quotes for the day but as a snapshot into our lives it seems an appropriate forum to share it on. Oh, and Owner is of course right....i was a complete an utter whore last night! :o)


Mistress160 said...

What do you mean, "last night"???

You are ALWAYS one from what we hear *grin*

Happy pet said...

Mistress 160,

i was particularly bad (i mean good!) :o)