Straight after work on Friday i met-up with Owner to get the train down to Brighton and spend the weekend at my Mum's. i'd been giving a presentation and running workshops all day so was dressed slightly less casually than normal, though i was wearing my bra, stockings, waspie and panties on underneath my clothes.
The train was packed with commuters heading home and weekenders like us heading down to the coast for the weekend and so it was a while before Owner and i could get a seat. However, when finally we did i began to undertake my latest public challenge - namely playing with my nipples in public. Owner took the following little video of me performing my challenge on my mobile.

To be honest, people were so engrossed in their books and papers that i think i could have safely walked through the carriage naked without anyone noticing! Though maybe i shouldn't say that as it might give Owner ideas.

We had a great weekend away, but it is good to be back and dressed prettliy for Owner once again.
Following my moment of shame on Sunday (see previous post) Owner has decided that i need training to control my clit and avoid any repetition of my little 'accident'. Accordingly, this evening Owner commenced Her first session of clit training. This consisted of me being bound face-up on the bed with my wrists tied to the headboard and my legs spread apart and  secured behind the knees with ropes attached to the headboard so that my legs were stretched wide open. To finish off the restraint Owner tied my nipple rings tight together and then tethered them off to the D-ring on my collar. i was securely trussed up and exposed....only wearing the metal khalli's teeth chastity device for 'protection'.

Owner commenced the 'training' by abusing my nipples, first with Her hands and then with the tip of the riding crop until they were burning and sore. Suitably warmed up She then proceeded to masturbate my clit, sliding the spiked ring up of the kahlli's teeth and down my shaft and caressing the tip of my clit so that it was soon swollen and engorged. Of course, the more aroused i got the deeper the metal teeth of the device sank into my sensitive flesh. It certainly got my full attention! Clit painfully aroused and with my nipples feeling like they were on fire Owner then deployed Her crop to maximum affect between my legs, striking the tip of my clit and exposed 'dangly bits' repeatedly. In between striking my clit with Her riding crop She leant forward and grabbed and twisted my tightly bound nipple rings. i was of course powerless to move and could only try to process the pain. To up the tempo still further Owner soon had me begging Her to beat my clit faster and harder with Her crop. Whenever it looked like my clit was starting to deflate under Her expert abuse Owner grabbed the khalli's teeth ring hard and masturbated me furiously so that i remained fully hard and thus impaled on its spikes. It was such delicious torment and torture!

Eventually Owner tired of Her crop and sitched to using Her strapon so that i had the wonderful sight and sensation of being bound with my wrists behind my head and legs akimbo as Owner knelt between my thighs and mounted Her whore. With me locked in position She thrust away contentedly, even having time to advise me that during the train journey we are both taking on Friday evening  She expects me to further my whore training by playing with my tits and clit in the carriage - irrespective of how many people there may be sitting in the same carriage at the time.

Having given me my instructions for Friday Owner switched on the bullet vibe in Her cock and rode me until She was fully pleasured. It was an intense and wonderful training session!

Oh, and some good news from earlier in the week - i didn't get made redundant.
It had all started so well. This morning Owner advised that She would like me to remove my chastity device temporarily as She would like to practice some bondage in the afternoon. First, however, She wanted to go and visit a nearby farmers market at Alexandra Palace and have a wander about. We both set off but no sooner had we gone about 5 minutes than the rain began. However, undeterred we walked the 45 minutes over to the Palace and had a wander around the stalls at the market, buying some cheeses, sauces and meats.

Shopping completed we headed into Crouch End and had a reviving cup of coffee at one of the cafes;

and then headed back home.

Shortly after we got back Owner sugegsted going to bed (we'd both woken up at 5.45am) and no sooner had our heads hit the pillow than we both fell asleep! On waking Owner began to tease and caress my nipples and exposed clit and then presented Her wonderful breasts for me to suckle on. Owner shifted position so that She was sat astride me and began to pull hard on my nipple rings and twist them. i adore having my nipples abused and was soon begging Her to pull and twist them harder, which She did. Owner had removed Her knickers and lowered Herself down so that the head of my clit was rubbing against Her sex as She twisted and pulled my tits.

Then suddenly, and without warning, disaster. 56 days of being denied and locked up and behaving as a good chaste sub was undone as i realised in mute horror that what had felt like intense arousal had tipped irretrievably into unstoppable orgasm. i tried in vain to prevent the inevitable but could only apologise profusely as i soaked the bed clothes. It was awful, unenjoyable and wrong. Owner was righly annoyed and i dismayed and ashamed.

i was placed straight back into chastity by Owner and have been told that i have to wear the khalli's teeth device all day at work tomorrow. It is no more than i deserve.
Owner bought me some wonderful lingerie for my birthday back in January and today She took a little photoshoot of me modelling the knickers and bra She bought for me. The bra is front opening which is very convenient (lol) and i adore the straps at the back of the knickers

As for this last shot, well what can i say!
Tonight Owner and i went to the British Film Institute to watch the Boggart and Hepburn classic 'African Queen' and for me to complete my little cinematic challenge. First, however, Owner took some pictures of me in my wonderful new jacket down by the Thames

that hood really is fantastic.

In the cinema i performed my challenge as instructed, unclipping my bra (i'd worn a front opening one in preparation) and then unzipping my top and unbuttoning my blouse and pulling and playing with my nipples during the fiim. Owner helped out by leaning across and pulling and twisting one of my nipple rings. Owner also gave me permission to play wth my clitty through my jeans, i was wearing the khalli's teeth device which leaves the tip accessible to touch, and with my pussy plugged with a large, heavy jewelled metal plug i abused my nipples and rubbed my clit surrounded by fellow cinema goers. It's a great film but i suspect i enjoyed it more than most in the audience!
Over the past few months i have started to regularly work from home on a Wednesday. This has a number of advantages. For example, it means that i get to greet Owner as She comes in from work dressed only in my spiked Khalli's teeth chastity device and collar and cuffs and begging to be allowed to play with my clitty. This is of course done with Owners permission and is part of Her new training regime to improve my begging skills.

Me being at home also means that i can schedule any deliveries to arrive that day and so today i was able to sign for a lovely new top that Owner had purchased online as well as a wonderful new Spring jacket fo myself (bought with Owners consent). i'll hopefully post a picture of me wearing it 'out and about' this weekend but this is an image grabbed from the website so you can see the style;

The one i got is in khaki and it is soo lovely! i particulalry like the hood. It was ordered from Asos which is proving to be a great on-line retailer.

Anyway, back to Wednesdays. A further advantage of working from home is that it gives Owner and i some time for some caning etc before it gets too late and i have to start preparing dinner. Today was no exception and i was roundly caned by Owner before being hard fucked by Her with Her strapon whilst my nipples were clamped and my chastised clitty was adorned with pegs. Owner likes to position Herself so that She is resting back on Her haunches with my hips and pussy just above Her hips so that She can thrust up into me with Her strapon whilst simultaneously reaching round and pulling at my breasts or fondling my clit. i confess i too like bouncing, or should i say being bounced! around in this position.

As Owner was fucking me She informed me that i have to undertake a new public challenge this Friday. We are both going to the cinema and Owner stated that She expects me to unbutton my blouse and caress my nipples whilst we are watching the film and ask Her for permission to be allowed play with my clit and pussy. It promises to be an 'interesting' night out.

Next wednesday may not be as fun though as it's likely to be the day i find out whether i and/or some of  my colleagues at work get made redundant...ho hum.
Tomorrow is International Women's Day. i know from the stats i get from this blog that it is read by people in countries where women are still denied the vote. In an even greater number of countries women are still treated as second class citizens. Even in the UK there remains significant gender inequality. This is discriminatory and needs to end. The situation faced by women around the world and the thought that Owner can, and doubtless still does, face discrimination or could, but for an accident of birth, be treated as a second class citizen purely by virtue of Her gender is deeply troubling. i would, therefore urge that we all, but men who read this in particular, take a moment to see what we could do to make the world a fairer place for all.

As it is, Owner and i will be 'marking' International Women's Day in the traditional manner with a sound caning administered to yours truly when i get home from work before i prepare Her evening meal.