Tomorrow is International Women's Day. i know from the stats i get from this blog that it is read by people in countries where women are still denied the vote. In an even greater number of countries women are still treated as second class citizens. Even in the UK there remains significant gender inequality. This is discriminatory and needs to end. The situation faced by women around the world and the thought that Owner can, and doubtless still does, face discrimination or could, but for an accident of birth, be treated as a second class citizen purely by virtue of Her gender is deeply troubling. i would, therefore urge that we all, but men who read this in particular, take a moment to see what we could do to make the world a fairer place for all.

As it is, Owner and i will be 'marking' International Women's Day in the traditional manner with a sound caning administered to yours truly when i get home from work before i prepare Her evening meal.